“It would become virtually impossible to do anything if you don’t have the vaccine.”

UK Minister for Business & Industry Nadhim Zahawi has said stadiums, bars, cinemas and restaurants will most likely require proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for people hoping to enter.

Explaining the idea of immunity passports on phone apps to BBC Radio’s The World at One, Zahawi said this might not only be required for travel.

“I think you’ll find that restaurants and bars and cinemas and other venues, football stadiums, will probably also use that system,” said Zahawi.

The Tory politician, who is in charge of overseeing the vaccine-rollout, said the NHS “track and trace” app currently required for entry to bars and restaurants had been a precursor to making vaccines mandatory for entry to various businesses.

“In many ways, the pressure will come from both ways, from service providers who will say demonstrate to us that you’ve been vaccinated, but also we will make the technology as easy and as accessible as possible,” he explained.

The host responded by saying “it would become virtually impossible to do anything if you don’t have the vaccine.”

“I think the people will have to make a decision, but I think you’ll probably find many service providers will want to engage in this in the way they did with the app.”

The UK became the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine today, with mass vaccination expected to begin next week.

The MHRA, the UK’s medicines regulator, says the jab offers up to 95% protection against Covid-19 illness and is safe to be administered.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the first 800,000 doses will be available in the UK from next week. People should wait to be contacted by the NHS, he added.