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Trans MMA fighter who broke female opponent’s skull hailed as “bravest athlete in history”

One of the founders of OutSports, a magazine dedicated to LGBT athletes, has said a transgender cage fighter who severely injured a female opponent is still “the bravest athlete in history”.

Fallon Fox hit the headlines after she entered the MMA cage with Tamikka Brents and inflicted a broken orbital and concussion on the woman, injuries made possible because Fox had declared she had transitioned from male to female and was therefore entitled to fight against women.

Sports journalist Cyd Zeigler however announced on OutSports that the final chapter of his book on LGBT athletes, the title of which reads “Fallon Fox Is The Bravest Athlete In History”, remains true today.

Zeigler claims that the fight against Brents was “twisted by anti-trans forces to paint her (Fox) as a criminal assailant”, expressing remorse that Fox was “erroneously” overlooked by the magazine in its 20 LGBT Athletes of the Decade.

Zeigler goes on to argue that broken bones and concussions are to be expected in the sport, but in a post-fight interview Brents expressed shock at what she had faced, saying “I can’t answer whether it’s because (Fox) was born a man or not, because I’m not a doctor.”

“I can only say, I’ve never felt so overpowered ever in my life, and I am an abnormally strong female in my own right.”

Fox also ended the MMA career of Erika Newsome, a female opponent she faced in Florida in 2013, leaving her unconscious. The closing blows were described here:

“(Fox) secured a grip on Newsome’s head … With her hands gripping the back of Newsome’s skull, she delivered a massive knee, bringing her leg up while pulling her opponent’s head down. The blow landed on Newsome’s chin and dropped her, unconscious, face-first on the mat.”

Newsome was not made aware that Fox was a biological male before the fight.

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