Tipperary Publican: I’m opening my pub after seeing that protest in Dublin

Via the good folks at TipperaryLive. Go and give them a click:

“County Tipperary publican John Harney has called time on inconsistent restrictions as he plans to reopen his public house in Ballyclerihan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary on June 29th ahead of the proposed date for reopening public houses set by the government.

Harney’s Final Furlong is situated in the village of Ballyclerihan, 9km from Clonmel where John and his wife Siobhan revamped and opened their pub in July 2018. The pub has been closed since March 15th with the proposed date for reopening on August 10th as part of Phase 5 of the Government’s  roadmap to reopening the country.

Mr. Harney said “I sat at home last night and watched the news and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Liz Canavan made no reference to the thousands of people who marched for Black Lives Matter in Dublin on Bank Holiday Monday with little or no social distancing as she spoke to the nation like we were all born yesterday, praising our efforts. Meanwhile, Dr. Tony Holohan wh en questioned if participants should self-isolate following the demonstration, he confirmed the disease and transmission level is at a point where public health advice is sufficient and if people have been at events this weekend and experience symptoms just speak to your GP, so I have had enough. The people of this country have done an amazing job and flattened the curve and it’s time we all got back to work and embrace this new normal. My pub will open on the 29th of June and I hope other publicans will join me. Harney’s Final Furlong is more than capable of opening and serving our loyal customers in a safe manner with ample indoor space and outdoor seating facilities.”

Can you blame him?

Watching the news last night, with lads throwing rocks into ten downing street, and people in Athens setting fire to the US embassy, and millions of people rioting and looting in America, you couldn’t but help come to the conclusion that there’s one law for them, and one law for the rest of us. Why should John Harney continue to lose money when nobody gives a damn about the Coronavirus if you’re for black lives matter?

Why should his customers continue to sit at home on their own?

You might say “well, John, it’s because they should put their health first”, but that’s a nonsense too. People can’t get mammograms, or cervical smears. There are stroke victims waiting on life-saving surgeries. There are people with heart conditions who are not being treated. There are people who will die from poverty, or who are watching their entire life’s work slowly wither away because of lockdown.

It would be one thing if the rules applied to everybody, but they clearly do not.

People before Profit, by the way, have cancelled their planned march in Dublin on Saturday. Not because they give a damn about public health, or anything as banal as that, but because they’re worried some of them might get arrested:


If there’s a second wave of Coronavirus in Ireland, and if it claims lives, the Irish left will be 100% to blame. They have destroyed what was a sense of national unity, and common purpose, to pursue their own narrow factional aims.

They’re not, and never have been, on your side.

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