Three quarters of people who arrive here with no passport are allowed to stay

Statistics released to a member of the public by the Department of Justice on foot of a Freedom of Information request provide an insight into what appears to be an astonishing level of laxity when it comes to admitting persons who wish to claim asylum in Ireland.

Under the freedom of information act 2014 could I please request the following information.

1. The number of people in the last 5 years that have disembarked an aircraft at Dublin Airport claiming asylum but could not provide a passport.?


In response to a request to state how many people had arrived at Dublin airport without a passport, and who subsequently applied for asylum here, the Department provided the following details on the numbers of people who failed to produce any documentation.

It should be borne in mind that any Irish citizen failing to produce identifying documentation in any other state would be refused admittance. As a citizen of a safe country, it is highly unlikely too that an Irish citizen failing to do so would be granted leave to stay rather than being sent back to the country from which they came, or perhaps even detained at the airport.


In Ireland, however, it seems that arriving here from anywhere in the world – and in almost every case it is on a flight from not only another safe country, but from a country that is not the one the “undocumented” person is claiming to be fleeing – is almost a cast iron guarantee of being allowed to stay here for an indeterminate period.

To the end of July this year, this has meant that of 2,915 people who have arrived in Dublin and failed to produce a passport or other identifying documentation, that 2,232 – more than 75% – of such persons have been allowed to claim asylum rather than being sent back to where they came from.

And if that sounds terribly oppressive, then consider this. None of these people would have been allowed onto a flight in whichever country they came from unless they had been able to produce a valid passport, and unless they had a valid flight ticket, which presumably most of those arriving here also fail to produce on request.

That means that the persons concerned have destroyed their passport and other documentation while on the flight to Dublin. A city that surely occupies the same place in the world of illegal immigrants and their facilitators as Charlie’s Chocolate Factory for the children in Roald Dahl’s fantasy. Except that the growing level of illegal immigration here is neither a fantasy, nor likely to end in even the mildest rebuke.  Quite the opposite as we know from the record of this government and its predecessors who have decided to reward illegal immigrants with the bounty of the Irish people.

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