Tommy Tiernan and Steo Wall Credit: Stephen Wall

The singer promoted by RTE who killed a man in prison

Folk singer Steo Wall, who recently performed on both RTE’s Tommy Tiernan Show and RTE’s The Late Late Show, killed a man in 2004 using a butter knife which had been sharpened and turned into a shiv.

Alan Green, who was 30 at the time of death, was stabbed in the chest by Wall in January of 2004. Green was an inmate of Mountjoy prison at the time, serving a 12-month sentence for unlawful possession of drugs, and had been due to be released two months after his killing. Wall was also an inmate of Mountjoy at this time, although Gript could not confirm the exact crime that Wall had been incarcerated for.

It is unclear exactly why Green was killed, but, during Wall’s trial for his killing, Wall’s defence told the court that a friend of Green had said that the fight may have been caused by a dispute over a quantity of heroin which she had passed to Wall, whilst she was visiting the prison, and which Wall had been meant to pass on to Green.

During Wall’s trial for the killing of Green a prison officer said that he saw Green standing beside Wall on a landing in the prison, before seeing Green step and fall backwards into his cell.

Green was later found alive in that cell, with a severe stab wound to the chest, and was sent to the Mater Hospital for treatment. He died later that day. His killing was described as ‘brutal and savage’ by the then Governor of Mountjoy Prison, John Lonergan.

Reports from the time say that Wall was later discovered to have several “superficial” cuts on his body, and that he had attempted to dispose of both the shiv and the “bloodied” clothing he had been wearing at the time of the killing. At his trial it was said that he initially told gardai that he had received the cuts in a separate fight, but that a subsequent gardai investigation “found there had been no such fight.”

The Irish Examiner reported that Dr Diane Daly of the Forensic Science Laboratory told the court that her view was that “Alan Green had received the fatal stab wound to his chest before any injury was inflicted on Stephen Wall.” It was, however, reported in the Irish Examiner that the State Pathologist noted that “only moderate force had been used in inflicting the fatal wound.”

Wall pled guilty to the manslaughter, but not guilty to the murder, of the 30-year-old. Mr Justice Carney, whilst passing sentence, said that Wall had a “horrendous list” of 20 previous convictions for burglary, theft, and robbery. Justice Carney added that both Wall and Green had been in prison due to their drug addiction. In late 2006 Wall was sentenced to six years in prison for the killing of Green.

Following his release Wall moved to Clare and became deeply involved in the folk music scene. Wall recently appeared on RTE performing his song “more blacks more dogs more Irish,” a song with a strong political take on the current debate around immigration. Mr. Wall was also featured in recent years on RTE programmes the Late Late Show, and Sunday with Miriam.

We offered Wall multiple opportunities to comment on this story, and the killing of Alan Green more generally, but the only response received was from a representative of Wall who verified some of our questions but told Gript that Wall had no comment to make on questions related to his time in prison or the death of Alan Green.

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