Update two: Gript has been made aware that the media reporting of this story has been impacted by a court order by the President of the High Court restricting the right of media outlets to report on the Gender Dysphoria aspect of this story (in other words, banning newspapers from revealing that the person involved is a biological male). However, we stand by our reporting – the information is publicly available on the website of the courts themselves, (paragraph six) and we believe it is in the public interest to draw it to your attention.

Update one: Not, for the moment, on the street, thankfully:

A deeply troubled teenager considered a grave risk to women was arrested by gardaí as she was about to be released from a secure care unit.

The 18-year-old, who suffers from a personality disorder and has previously expressed a wish to rape and murder, was being questioned last night over alleged threats to kill.


If you’ve been reading the newspapers at all, this morning, you’ll have come across this quite disturbing story:

“Gardai have issued a nationwide bulletin about a homicidal teenager who is due to be released into the community today.

The 18-year-old, who cannot be identified, suffers from a personality disorder and has repeatedly expressed a wish to rape and murder.

However, she is being released from a secure unit for children after the High Court ruled earlier this week there was no legal basis to continue her detention.

The High Court has heard the teenager is considered a grave risk to women and has threatened to kill her mother on a number of occasions.

Her mother recently fled her home and moved a different part of the country after receiving safety advice from gardaí.”

See those pronouns that we’ve underlined? They’re a lie. A lie imposed on the media, by the way, by the courts, which have banned reporting of the truth about this person’s gender.

The truth can only be found if you know where to look: In the court notes for the case, which are available for anyone to read if you know where to look, and which are posted online:

“G. is now seventeen years old. Born male, G. has from the aged of fifteen self-identified as a transgender person male to female. Accordingly, at the express behest of G., female gender pronouns are utilised throughout this judgment”

Let’s be absolutely clear about this, for those of you who still struggle with the terminology: The “homicidal girl” in the newspapers is actually a homicidal male. He has a penis. He was born a male, and he was a male until two years ago, when he started “self identifying” as a female.

What does self identity mean? It means, according to the laws of Ireland, that you or I can choose to be legally identified as a member of the opposite sex tomorrow morning.

There is no requirement that we be on hormone treatment. There is no requirement that we dress in clothes more commonly worn by the opposite sex. There is no requirement for anything other than that we say we are the opposite sex. And then the state, and the media, will, it seems, connive to mislead the public about the identity of an exceedingly dangerous person.

How dangerous? Well, here’s a sample, from a few weeks ago:

“Last year, while returning to her care accommodation after a court appearance, G grabbed the social care worker who was driving the car from behind, digging her nails into the worker’s eyeballs and tearing the eyelids. G tore hair from the social worker’s head, wrapped her legs around her victim’s head and chest, refusing to let go and biting her on the hand. During the chilling incident, she repeatedly said: “I am going to kill you.”

The social care worker somehow managed to stop the car on the road and gardaí were called. Officers later found a clump of the woman’s hair in G’s pocket.”

What we have here, and let’s make no bones about it, is a murderous young man who’s just been released. The Gardai are so concerned about him, according to the media, that they’ve received special briefings about him so as to be on a constant lookout. His mother has had to move to a secure location lest she be murdered.

And the Irish people are being told he’s a girl. When he’s not.

Aside from the utter corruption and absurdity of this situation, which is entirely the fault of politicians who rammed through a gender identity bill with no debate, there’s another question:

How in the hell is this guy being released? The assault he perpetrated on that care worker – attempting to blind and murder her – isn’t cause for keeping him locked up for a long time? What are the courts, and our lawmakers, playing at?

Even if one buys into the idea that this is all a mental health issue, then why hasn’t he been sectioned?

The whole purpose of the state is to keep the public safe. In this instance, they’re releasing a murderous young man onto the streets and telling everyone he’s a girl – because he says he is. And they’re doing so after he’s already tried to kill people.

There should be a national enquiry into this. There won’t be, though. If there’s an investigation into anybody, it’ll probably be into Gript, for telling you the truth about this, instead of the media’s official line.

That’s where we’re at, now.