The great woke North Face contradiction – now Fossil Fuels say “Thank You”

Last year we reported on the strange virtue-signaling of outdoor wear company, North Face, as they made a big show of  refusing to supply jackets with the company logo to a company involved in oil and gas exploration.

It was pointed out by the CEO of one company, Inovex Downhole Solutions, that North Face’s garments were all made of  materials produced from the oil and gas industry. As we noted at the time, North Face’s green virtue signalling was rightly called out as a giant fraud.

However, rather than add to the criticism of  North Face’s strange conflict of interest, another company in the fossil fuel industry went one better and thanked North Face for buying their products.

Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Energy, said he went through North Face’s considerable catalogue of outdoor wear on their website and he “failed to find a single product that wasn’t made out of oil and gas”


“The great majority of North Face’s products,” he said; listing off jackets, packpacks, outdoor pants, etc “are predominantly made of the oil and gas that we so proudly produce.”

In an awkward contradiction of North Face’s public virtue signaling he said that “North Face is not only an extraordinary customer of the oil and gas industry, they are also a partner.”

It’s hard to argue with this statement.

He finished with a heartfelt “Thank you North Face. And you’re welcome”

Chris Wright was a pioneer in the fracking industry and is a passionate spokesman for the benefits of Oil and Gas in advancing human prosperity. He has spoken on energy to the UK House of Lords, the US Attorneys General, Federal and State Judges, debated the merits of the shale revolution on TV and given over 100 talks.



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