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The Government’s surrender to Brussels on immigration

The European Union is not united on immigration. In fact, it might broadly be divided into three camps: First, the countries who actively want to limit immigration. In this camp there are countries like Hungary, and Poland, and Czechia, and Slovakia, and Italy, who have borne the brunt of immigration in recent years and wish to see it reduced across the board. These countries tend to have populist right wing parties either in charge, or in a position where they might well take charge.

In the second camp, there are countries who would very much like to be pro-immigration but whose populations have somewhat turned against it: In this camp are Germany and France, both of whom remain politically dominated by the centre or centre left, but whose politicians are all too aware that increased immigration threatens their position in the long term, due to the presence of movements like that of Marine LePen, or the Allianz fur Deutschland.

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6 days ago

Treason is on the statue books for a reason, its high time it was dusted down and given a test run
Treason Act, 1939, Section 1 (

Thomas Moylan
6 days ago

High % of asylum immigration into Ireland,single males with Georgia deemed a safe country have accounting for a high % of them. Our kindness, culture and country been put to the gutter.

6 days ago
Reply to  Thomas Moylan

Agree re single males. O’Gorman moved 66 single males into 15-16 Charleton Road Ranelagh last July. They have their own rooms and fast broadband (info from official notice about the change of use of these two large buildings issued to the 4 TDs for the area). From observation Ranelagh is also being blessed with at least half of these single men being of African origin, as well as getting the Georgian intake..
Incidentally the TDs did not inform their constituents of the proposed change of use of the buildings. You no longer need planning permission for change of use to a direct provision centre (only a fire certificate) so the TDs might argue there was nothing they or locals could do about it.

Ruaidhrí Murphy
6 days ago

Irish politicians just want to be invited to all the right cocktail parties in Brussels.

Frankie Bananas
6 days ago

“… national self-sabotage by those responsible for negotiating for Ireland in Europe” – translation: treason.
The Phoenix park is full of useful trees.

The red lights
6 days ago

Thank you for this extremely important article John.

Ciaran Upton
5 days ago

I like the piece but you could do worse than rewrite the 1st paragraph where Italy is lumped in with the Visegrad nations who certainly have not ‘borne the brunt of immigration’.
Also there is no Allianz fur Deutschland (except for a couple of months in 1990)- there is however Eine Alternative fur Deutschland, whose popularity has its rivals scrambling to try and ban it.

Honey badger
5 days ago

Great article

5 days ago

Nobody here will like this but one reason why the Irish government never says No to the EU and always kells over immediately when confronted by more powerful countries is because the state was founded through surrender in December 1921 with the signing of the Anglo-Irish treaty when the British empire threatened a massive war unless the Irish government agreed to the terms of the Treaty.

This has contributed to a culture down through the generations where the psychology of the people is that you can never say no to countries more powerful than your own or else they will punish us.

Last edited 5 days ago by Ar87

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