The Editors: Barbie Kardashian case exposes absurdity of the Gender Recognition Act

Yesterday a person named Barbie Kardashian was found guilty of seven counts of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to another person, namely Barbie’s mother, at Limerick Circuit Court.

“Woman who threatened to torture and kill her mother found guilty in Limerick,” the Irish Times reported.

But that’s not really the case. As previously reported on this platform, the homicidal woman you’ve been reading about for some time now is actually a violent homicidal man. Yet we are all – court reporters, news editors, commentators and policymakers – supposed to simply go along with this façade.

Women’s rights groups have observed a trend in the behaviour of some violent men for some time now, a trend that is facilitated in this country by the almost incredible foolishness of a piece of legislation called the Gender Recognition  Act.

The Act allows any man – or woman – to change their sex by simply declaring it so – that they now want to live as the opposite sex. There is no requirement for medical treatment, for medication, even for counselling. Why would there be, argue its supporters, who label anyone raising questions as ‘transphobic’, therefore shutting down any chance of a debate – and increasing the likelihood of having the unfortunate person who raised the issue fired or investigated by the police or at the very least hounded on social media and shouted down.

The widespread legal acceptance of this idea – that changing sex is no more than a matter of a declaration of intent – has correlated with an alarming rise in the number of incongrous headlines which report on crimes in a way that everyone knows is patent nonsense, even though most are afraid to say it.

So you’ll read about a “woman” called Lisa Jones in Melbourne who physically restrained another woman before sexually assaulting her and trying to rape her. Jones, as you might have already guessed, was born a man and had previously spent six years in a male prison in Germany for sexually abusing a six-year-old-girl, before conveniently deciding to change identity.

Women in Australia reacted to the Jones case with anger, using the hashtag #NotOurCrimes to argue that it was a distortion of reality to report that a woman had carried out this crime when men are predominantly the perpetrators of sexual violence, and women are predominantly the victims.

Or take the appalling case of “Karen White”, a six foot, biologically male, convicted paedophile, rapist and repeat sex offender who attacked four women in a female prison in West Yorkshire during a “reign of terror” in late 2017. Born Stephen Wood, White was sent to a women’s prison, despite having had neither hormone surgery nor treatment, where he then molested vulnerable  women.

One of those women later said that she believed White faked being transgender for the sole purpose of preying on women, and that there was consternation amongst the female inmates when he was admitted. The woman said: “It’s just human nature that men are stronger than us. And we all knew Karen was stronger than us. If she got hold of us, she would overpower us.”

She added that it was her belief that the authorities enabled White to assault and prey on women in prison.

There are many more such cases, and their prevalence has now led to understandable anger and concern amongst women who say their right to safety and to protection is being ignored in the rush to appease aggressive transgender activists, who, it is important to point out, often do not represent the view of other transgender people.

The psychotherapist Stella O’Malley says that female prison inmates are amongst “the most vulnerable people in our society”, claiming out that “95% of women prisoners are in for petty crime while 48% of transgender prisoners are in for sexual offences”. She makes an important point. It is difficult to believe that housing a biologically male rapist with any other group of women would not lead to an uproar.

If a violent, male-born, rapist who simply swore a statement to assert that he was now a woman was then housed with female teachers or doctors or business women, the issue would remain in the headlines until the law was changed. Yet women in prison are being endangered and no-one seems to care – most likely because those women are poor or disadvantaged and don’t have the benefit of being attached to a trendy cause or being championed by a wealthy NGO.

O’Malley also points out out that another  “pre-operative, pre-hormone therapy” trans inmate in Limerick Women’s prison has been convicted of ten counts of sexual assault and one count of cruelty against a child”. Clearly, there is a trend emerging, and it is being driven by people who suffer, not from gender dysphoria, but from having deviant, violent and manipulative personalities.

Barbie Kardashian’s legal representatives told the court that the prisoner was “very anxious she be detained in a prison facility for females, as she identifies as a female.”

The court heard that Kardashian was born a male and named Gabriel Alejandro Gentile, but had gone through ” a legal process” in order to obtain a gender recognition certificate issued by the Department of Social Protection and then changed his name by deed poll.

Kardashian has expressed a desire to rape and kill women. Some of the evidence given in regard to those threats are deeply unsettling.

At a meeting with a social care manager also attended by guardian ad litem, Kardashian said: “If I got into (my mother’s) house I would run towards her and put the knife into her body and into her genitalia; the thing is, I would want to prolong my mum’s suffering for as long as possible”.

“I would stab her, but not in her heart or neck, I’d want to put her through lots of torture, fear and humiliation,” Kardashian continued.

“I would bring a screwdriver to insert inside her genitalia because I am a woman and women rape using objects; it would definitely be a long protracted incident, I would want her to bleed out after death after a number of hours, by putting objects into her vagina, pouring boiling water into that area.”

Kardashian, who has been diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, also said:

“I know that my mum is smaller than me, she is physically weak and she is frail, when I was living with her since I was nine or ten I was stronger than her then and I know she would be overpowered by me.” “I would only walk away after she was dead. I would check her pulse to make sure she was dead, I wouldn’t want her to run out and shout ‘help’, ‘help’, ‘help’. I wouldn’t want to be caught by the Gardai, I think I would be caught because I do not feel that I could outsmart them.”

Yet when Gript and some local newspapers first reported on this case, the response of some trans activists and even local Councillors was to start shouting about transphobia. The Prison Service does not seem to have looked at the experience of other jurisdictions, and the need to house transgender prisoners separately.

That is ridiculous, and it should be acknowledged that a great many transgender people do not want to be part of the vocal campaign which seeks to deny that biological sex is real, or to impose on all of us the singularly preposterous notion that there is no such thing as gender, or that it is a social construct. People who wish to legally change sex are not prevented from doing so, that’s not the issue. But the Gender Recognition Act goes much further than that, based on the belief that gender is fluid and sex is changeable almost at a whim. Codifying that absurdity, as we have seen, has real and devastating consequences.

Kardashian has now been found guilty of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to mother and is awaiting sentencing. The reality is that  the Gender Recognition Act is making it possible for homicidal men who wish to rape and kill to simply declare they are female in order to have access to vulnerable women. This foolish and dangerous legislation needs to be scrapped. Women’s safety and their protection from sexual assault must come first.

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