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“The black face of white supremacy?”: bizarre campaign against Larry Elder looks like desperation from a decaying, corrupted elite.

Larry Elder’s mother was a janitor; his father was a janitor; both were black. His father was born in Georgia and fled an abusive home at the age of 12. He joined the Marines where he became a cook and afterwards travelled to California to see could he make it there outside of the segregationist South. California barely tolerated him and just about gave him a job sweeping up.

Yet, according to the narrative projected by the privileged elite of California, Larry Elder is a “white supremacist”.

When delusion and deceit get this scrambled, one can only assume they – the elite – are desperate.

The leftist corporate media have jumped on a smear campaign that has to be seen to be believed. The apogee of this vilification so far seems to be a front page headline on the LA Times claiming “Larry Elder is the black face of white supremacy.” Recall candidate Larry Elder is a threat to Black Californians – Los Angeles Times (

You might say you couldn’t make this stuff up, but obviously some people can!

The extraordinarily privileged elite of California say that Elder will bring California, and possibly America, on a dark path. This claim is being made in a state that has a chronic problem of wealth disparity visibly characterised by the closeted, gated, private estates of the Hollywood elite and the political donor class; and a dichotomous poverty-stricken underclass suffering from housing shortages, rising inflation, rampant crime, a chronic drug epidemic, and a growing homeless population which is becoming more belligerent and hostile by the day in response to “soft on crime” leftist policies.

For instance, it is now not a crime to shoplift in California if the stolen goods are worth less than $900.  Happy days for all, except shop owners and honest people.

Larry Elder, a sharp witted law graduate with years of public speaking experience as a syndicated talk show radio host, knows politics – especially the real world results of democrat policies on crime, education, and immigration – inside out; and has his own answers to the progressive fables of “systemic racism” and other leftist victim hustles.

Elder has a simple message that scares the Californian establishment elites. He says: “We have a state to save.”

Addressing the Californians suffering from all the symptoms of a failed state, he promised to tackle the tangible issues that affect their quality of life. In his announcement to run he specifically targeted articles of legislation that he would revoke at an executive level, in order to tackle disastrous policies that are crippling the state economically and socially

For instance, in education Elder says leftist policies –which are supposed to increase diversity and inclusion etc –  have lead to 75% of public school students not being able to pass a reading comprehension test on graduation.

In case anyone missed that; three quarters of public school graduates in Southern California are functionally illiterate upon leaving school.

That would be an utterly disgraceful statistic for a third world country; for the fifth largest economy in the world, it is a catastrophic institutional failure.

Larry Elder on Twitter: “4 Days to VOTE YES. If you’re not happy with: -The price of housing -The homeless encampments -The crime -The failing schools -The unbreathable air -The water shortages -The rolling blackouts -The fires …VOTE YES. California needs you. Don’t wait!


Looking at  the state of California; with rising homelessness, crime, joblessnesses, falling wages, rising house prices, and decaying infrastructure, it’s clear why the political establishment of the most madly-mismanaged state in America is panicking.

Elder, channeling a raw dissatisfaction with the massive incompetence and corruption of the Californian Democrat Government, says: “I’m running for Governor because the decline of California isn’t the fault of its people.”

He has emerged as the front-running alternative; a direct talking and savage critic of the corruption and dysfunction of Newsom and his elite ruling cronies. Newsom is the type of hypocrite who dines with a large party of donors at a $700 a plate function indoors at The French Laundry restaurant, while lecturing people on social distancing and staying isolated in their homes.

Following this escapade, the Recall Newsom movement gathered momentum and by March had collected over 2 million signatures calling for the sacking of Gavin Newsom.

Even in the (functionally) one-party state of California, people can get sick of the hypocrisy and corruption of the ruling elite, and so on September 14th the people of California will be asked two questions: whether to fire Newsom, and who to elect as his replacement for Governor.

Newsom, a hopeless incompetent with movie star looks and connections, likes to lecture his voters on climate change while the state is ravaged by yearly infernos. It’s a good trick, because it’s a problem that can never be solved using the policies he advocates, but the opportunity to finger wag is never ending.

This is why Newsom emerges yearly in some ash whipped inferno to lament that “climate change is here now”, and it’s all your fault. In corporate speak, he says “our” as if he is showing vulnerability by shouldering his share of ‘the blame’ but rapidly shifts the blame to “deniers” and wrong thinking people who won’t turn the thermostat up when the weather is baking and the forest fires are raging.

He looks responsible and sober; his audience (you and your ilk) are the perennial villain. He is doing his best, but the cartoon villains (the ordinary people who eat burgers and drive cars) won’t do their part.

However, a sober look at the problem reveals that the issue is forest management, and that it is very manageable.  If anyone can get this across to the voting public and then implement a policy that addresses the perennial problem of forest fires, the Democrat cover will be well and truly dented.

Elder talks about the problems that Californians face because of government policy, and he says he will fix them. If he does, and the cause and effect is clear to the voters of California, then the Democrats and their elite sponsors are in real trouble.  That is why the Democrat rhetoric is so apocalyptic. Newsom has spoken in panicky tones of what type of judges Elder might appoint while intimating that Elder is misogynist – a tried and trusted tactic of promoting fear amongst their smug (il)liberal base.

At the same time the Democrat have knocked on Biden’s door for help, and have already gotten Kamala Harris to hit the campaign trail with Newsom. Fresh off her disastrous no-show border crisis detail, it’s hard to know if Harris will be a help or a hindrance. It may be recalled that she only polled 7% in the democratic presidential primaries in California before retiring from the race.

The final irony of this campaign may be that it will be decided by Latino voters. The Democrats, with their talk of victims, inclusion, and racism, have cornered immigrant and minority votes for decades. However, with California now being 40% Latino, they no longer feel a repressed minority in need of the protection of the leftist elite. According to political commentator, Victor Hanson, Californian Latinos feel increasingly resentful of the victim rhetoric which treats minorities as patronised ‘sacred victims’ and requires them to sideline their issues in favour of the more favoured BLM narratives.

Ironically, the Latino voter is the one most aggrieved by the failing infrastructure, the rising crime, the rising fuel and electricity prices, falling wages (under Trump these were rising but with Biden’s recession and the arrival of a flood of migrants, wages have stalled and taken a sharp real value decrease), inflation, and the abysmal failure of the schooling system.

If the Democrats finally get their just deserts from 30 years of failed policies it will probably be the long suffering Latino voters who give them the boot.

Elder, if elected, would be the first black governor in California’s 170 year history. Surely that would make him a shoe-in in a progressive state? Surely, you would think!

But as the Los Angeles times have discovered, Elder is an ‘Uncle Tom;’ he’s a white supremacist! The absolute depravity of the left’s systematic lies and gas-lighting knows no bounds.

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