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The big “Ireland warming faster than the rest of the world” media fib

Yesterday, the Irish Times ran an alarming major story, helpfully timed to coincide with the start of the latest “COP” summit on Climate Change.

Europe, it warned, is warming at twice the rate of the global average. This was front page news.

What didn’t make the story, for some reason, is that two thirds of the earth is Oceanic, and oceans are cooler than land. By definition, land will heat up faster than water, if, indeed, it is heating up.

What the Irish Times did not tell you, as well, is that these stories are a staple piece of public relations, every year, ahead of the COP summit. And they are not limited to Ireland.

Here are some examples from recent years. We will start with China:


And Canada:

And the Arctic:

And the Antarctic:

And Russia:

And Australia:

And the Indian Ocean:

I genuinely could go on all day, but you get the point. This is a press release sent by some Climate Agency to just about every place on earth, with the local country name substituted in.

We hear a lot, these days, about fake news. These stories do not make the literal definition of fake news, because technically, they are all equally plausible: land warms faster than sea. But that last fact is never included. And it is never included for a reason: Because the intention is to deceive.

You are expected to believe, when you read these stories, that Ireland is more badly afflicted by Climate Change than just about anywhere else. That urgent action is not just a global requirement, but an urgent local requirement. Because we’re getting it worse, you see. And if we don’t act, we’ll cook first.

That’s the intent. That’s what you are supposed to take from these stories. That’s why, reliably, year after year, they are pushed out. It’s not journalism, it’s public relations.

The media is entirely “in” on the climate thing, for both commercial and ideological reasons. The ideological reason is simply that journalists as a class tend to lean more left than the public as a whole. The commercial reason is that there are astonishing amounts of money available for educating the public about the climate crisis, and combatting “fake news” sites like – I guess – this one, which try to set the mood of the public at something less than full hair-on-fire public climate panic.

Anyway, there’s not much to say: Who are you going to believe here – the Irish Times, or the evidence of your own eyes? This “Ireland warming faster” thing is about as close as you’ll ever see to the media deliberately, and openly, engaging in propaganda.

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