With the Labour Leadership contest underway, and the country slowly coming apart without a government, it’s time to bring back what is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of Irish politics – the Alan Kelly election rap.

The rap was produced by GMC Beats in Cork for the 2009 election, which saw Alan Kelly stand for, and win, a seat in the European Parliament.

Unfortunately the song was too catchy and shortly thereafter it was hidden away from the internet, lest we all play it too much and drive the country into a rap frenzy.

As he faces up against Aodhan O’Riordain we thought we’d bring it back, so that voters could hear the things that make Kelly different than O’Riordain through the medium of an unexpectedly proficient rap flow.

The verses remain as undated as the Labour party itself and many of the verses will still resonate with Labour voters today, particularly those saying that women often remark that Alan Kelly looks slightly like Brian O’Driscoll. Which, it must be said, is something that it is possible was said by a woman at some point.

In the upcoming election the starkest difference between Kelly and O’Riordain may be that O’Riordain has never produced an election rap, and may in fact have never produced an election song of any type.

Or it could be that Alan Kelly has never lost in any election he stood for and has never scurried away to the Seanad after promising he wouldn’t take a seat in it if he lost his position in a general election.

But we think it’ll probably be the rap.