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State-funded NGO calls to remove “biological sex” from curriculum

A taxpayer-funded group in receipt of millions annually has recommended that the term “biological sex” be removed from the upcoming sex education curriculum, as they claim it is offensive to transgender people.

The comments were made in response to a new draft of the upcoming Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) curriculum, as laid out by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA). This curriculum is aimed at Junior Cycle students ranging from ages 12 to 15, and will cover issues such as pornography, sexual consent, and various transgender identities.

State-funded youth group Foróige responded to the proposed curriculum by welcoming the draft. However, they urged that the use of transgender pronouns should be included and encouraged as part of the curriculum – for example, referring to a biological male as “she” rather than “he” if that’s what they prefer.

They also urged the removal of the term “biological sex” from the curriculum, arguing that this phrase “is currently used to weaponise/demonise the trans community.” Instead, the group says that the term “sex assigned at birth” should be used.

Notably, between 2020 and 2022, Foróige received a total of €15.7 million in taxpayer money from the Department of Justice alone.

The group has also received substantial sums from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, the HSE, Pobal, TUSLA, the ETB, the EU and other state bodies.

Gript has previously published reports into Ireland’s well-funded NGO industry, with €6 billion in state-funding going to the sector in 2020 alone,


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