Spunout still link to BLM fundraising despite ban in some states over accounting failures

As we reported on Monday, Black Lives Matter are under serious scrutiny following investigations by the Washington Examiner and others regarding the group’s finances.

This follows the failure of BLM to properly account for the estimated €60 million under its control as the organisation itself appears to be disintegrating at leadership level following the resignation last year of Patrisse Cullors Khan whose million dollar ventures into the real estate market came under scrutiny.

Democratic run states California and Washington have banned Black Lives Matter from fund-raising due to the accounting failures. The BLM website which previously featured a donation button has now been changed to exclude that option. It does still however continue to offer a range of merchandise for the gullible.

However, the Washington Examiner reports that the site did accept a donation on Monday despite the Washington state ban – backed with fines for non-compliance – having been in place since January 5. The Attorney General of Indiana Todd Rikita has likened the pattern of behaviour to that which is common with other “scams” that have come under scrutiny.

Black Lives Matter garnered massive and universally favourable attention in Ireland from mid-2020. This ensured that not only was a protest allowed to take place in flagrant breach of the strict Covid lockdowns, but that there appeared to be some Dublin based organisation claiming to be part of the business, and people were encouraged to donate to Black Lives Matter.

In common with the American organisation, there appears to be little tangible evidence of a functioning body in this country, although taxpayer-funded body Spunout offers a link to assist people in donating money if they wish to “Support Black Lives Matter from Ireland.”

If you click on the donation link you are brought to Ways To Help (blacklivesmatters.carrd.co).

One of the links here is to Black Lives Matter own donation page Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation — Donate via AB Charities (actblue.com).

Spunout, registered as the Community Relations Company, claims to be “Ireland’s Youth Information Website.” It has a charity number and according to Benefacts it had an income of €2,167,917 in 2020, of which €1.6 million came from the state – ie. the taxpayer –  and another €540,000 from unstated sources. It employed 38 people in 2020.

Its homepage provides essential information on how to get to grips with “toxic masculinity,” “white privilege” and all the other beastly things that decent people abhor. One of the board members of Spunout is Nigel Heneghan who is a state appointee to Rethink Ireland and to the compliance body of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. He owns a successful consultancy business.

Another member is Ronan Costello who works for Twitter, and previously worked for President Michael D Higgins. The Chairperson of Spunout is Fiona Ní Chinnéide who is Executive Director of the Irish Penal Reform Trust. John McNamara is a director of Canada Life where he ensures that they are diverse and stuff. Laura Harmon has a gig with the National Women’s Council and is a former president of the Union of Students of Ireland.

I had never heard of Spunout before and honestly have no idea at all of what they do other than tell people how to be nice. Wandering into NGO land is truly like opening the door in a Bronx tenement. You do not know what might come scuttling from under the mattress when you lift the corner.

For present purposes, given the serious questions regarding Black Lives Matter in the United States, perhaps questions might be asked as to why a publicly funded NGO in Ireland is still enabling people here to send them money when even their heroes in the ultra-Woke Democratic state of California have pulled the plug on what increasingly looks like, to quote the Attorney General of Indiana, a “scam.”?


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