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South Africa slams NGO interference in “abuse of asylum system”

Ireland is not the only country facing a migrant accommodation crisis. Nor is it the only one in which the NGOs are attempting to impose their views against both the interests and opinions of most people. 

South Africa is currently facing yet another problem which is to a large extent the fruit of NGO meddling. The difference between South Africa and Ireland, however, is that the South African government is openly critical of and resistant to that interference.

The background to this is that on Saturday, the High Court in Pretoria issued an order allowing 22 people claiming to be fleeing Afghanistan to claim asylum in South Africa. Earlier today, it was announced that the court has reserved judgment as the state is contesting the case. 

The case was brought with the support of a number of NGOs including the American Lifeline Foundation. The ANC government immediately said that they would be contesting the decision and the Minister for Home Affairs, Aaron Motsoaledi accused the NGOs of seeking to undermine South African sovereignty.

The Government Head of Public Diplomacy, Clayson Monyela, earlier provided more details. Not only does it appear to fit in with a pattern of dubious immigration from Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries which has led to serious violence over the  past number of years, but he is quite explicit in his statement that “Our asylum system is being abused.”


His objections ironically mirror those of people in this country with regard to the misuse and destruction of documents, in this case tourist visas, issued in other countries, where as Monyela points out, those attempting to enter South Africa should rightly and legally have claimed asylum since they – in the case of Zambia and Zimbabwe – are classified as safe countries.  

Many South Africans, as indicated by the response to Monyela’s tweet indicate, share his jaundiced view of NGOs.  

One of those which is named as being involved in the current case is the Socio-Economic Rights Institute which according to themselves is funded by the Open Society Foundation, as well as the Washington based left liberal Solidarity Centre, the Ford Foundation and Norwegian Peoples Aid which claims to represent the Norwegian labour movement. None of them, as Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh might say, from the parishes of Soweto or Ladysmith. 


The South Africans, as we noted in a recent piece which included comments from Her Excellency Yolisa Maya, the ambassador to Ireland, are clearly annoyed over this. They are perfectly within their rights to police their own borders, especially when illegal immigration is regarded as a contributory element in other social problems including high levels of crime. 


Official statistics would appear to support the claim that illegal immigrants are responsible for a high proportion of crime. What is interesting about this, is the fact that the far left Economic Freedom Fighters – which openly courts the support of the Chinese and is clearly devoted to unreconstructed Stalinoid Marxism – appears to be playing an interesting game.

On the one hand, it is quite “nativist” in regard to South Africans of Indian and white heritage and clearly hopes to benefit from any sort of chaos as evidenced by party leader Julius Malema’s support both for violent expropriation of farms and for looting in 2021, in some cases of Indian owned businesses – but on the other hand, opponents have accused the EFF of encouraging illegal immigration.

As with the far left in other countries, including Ireland, anything that contributes to social unrest and societal disintegration and collapse in the hope that the vultures can move in on the carrion is grist to the mill for the EFF which is currently in the process of organising a “national shutdown” on March 20, which it clearly hopes will mark the beginnings of a national insurrection. 


It would also seem that Comrade Malema and his “fighters” have their admirers among South Africans living here in Ireland, who claim they had to flee due to persecution. 

Devotion to the enforcement of the law, as advocated by supporters of the far left when they are objecting to legitimate peaceful protests, is very much open to interpretation perhaps.


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