Slashed woman is latest victim of our lawless republic

No-one intervened

Years and years ago, way back before smartphones or social media, I was waiting with a large queue of people for a taxi in College Green when a very drunk and aggressive pair came staggering along. The man was being verbally abusive to his girlfriend and she was roaring back at him. This was at about 1am in the morning.

Someone in the taxi queue told the yob to leave it out, and to stop manhandling the woman who was, at this stage, yelling that he was the worst kind of fffing everything under the sun. For the good Samaritan, unfortunately, things were about to get extremely nasty.

The pair suddenly seemed to get much sharper and even more aggressive, and within a matter of seconds had come back to the man in the queue and started to rain blows and abuse down on him. The abused girlfriend had now decided her thuggish boyfriend was a knight-at-arms and was joining in the fray with vicious gusto.

They smashed the bottom of a bottle that said thug was holding and started trying to slash the unfortunate decent citizen who was as shocked and terrified as the rest of us.

As various people tried to intervene to stop serious harm being inflicted on a man who was just trying to get home, someone called the Gardai. Pearse Street Garda station was just around the corner from a lunatic trying to slash and stab someone with a broken bottle but the gardai never came.

People rang again, with messages of increasing urgency. ‘Please come now, we’re afraid he will kill this man. He’s already cut him.” The gardai never came.

Eventually, one man managed to knock the bottle out of the thug’s hand, as he and his demented girlfriend kicked, punched and tore hair all round them.

While the pair were distracted in a loud search for another weapon, a woman told the man who was still the focus of most of their attacks to run. It was obvious the gardai weren’t coming, and his best chance was to get out of there as fast as he could.

It proved to be wise counsel. The pair, while incredibly violent at close quarters, seemed too drunk to run fast. They gave chase for a short time and then started kicking and swearing their way down Dame Street, turning their aggression on each other once more.

Those were the days of long taxi queues. I waited another hour in a very tense line before I thankfully got into a cab. In all that time, the Gardai never came.

That was more than twenty years ago. Dublin city centre has since become a dirty, dangerous, violent kip – as my colleague Ben Scallan recently observed.

But even with that in mind, a video that has emerged of a woman being repeatedly slashed in the face in the Spar in Dame Street, as onlookers stand by commenting and filming, is truly horrifying.

I mean that in the real sense of the word. It made me feel actual horror. I can only imagine what it felt like for the young woman who is being attacked, whose blood is dripping all over the floor of the Spar as people, including several big, strong men, stand by and do nothing.

Listen to the commentary. It is sickening. “Kill her” shouts one excuse for a human being. “Here we go,” chirps another.

The security guard stands helplessly by as the perpetrator, a woman, repeatedly slashes and stabs at the young woman’s face. It seems even worse to see such violence coming from another woman. Maybe its not. The whole scene is just appalling.

“She’s f***ing leaking her”, someone says, as blood splatters all over the floor. No-one tries to help the young woman whose face is bloodied. She looks terrified.

She could be your daughter or mine, in the wrong place at the wrong time. She could have been killed.

As Matt Treacy points out today on Gript, the causes of this social decay are myriad, but no-one wants to acknowledge the obvious outcomes of fractured families and collapsed social cohesion.

And so we just accept this as part of the new Ireland, the lovely shiny, progressive, better Ireland where a woman is stabbed over and over again in a shop before a crowd while people laugh.

Part of me thinks I shouldn’t even post this video. But then I wonder what has to happen for us to wake up and say that is depraved, crazed, horrifying and unacceptable and that we will not tolerate it happening anymore.

Or are we just going to scroll on, and let our city, and our country, go down the toilet.

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