Should we be paying for exaggerated reports on racism?

You would imagine that if you were in the business of anti-racism – and a lucrative business it is too – that you would be pleased if the evidence appeared to suggest that incidents of overt racism are falling.

Not so it would seem. According to the 2021 report of the Irish Network against Racism (INAR) which is part of the much larger and vastly EU and corporate funded European Network against Racism (ENAR) there were “fewer incidents of serious threat than in previous years” and the overall number of reports of racism amounted to just 404, down from 700 in 2020.

That was one report for every 12,393 people living in the Republic of Ireland in 2021. So, racism serious enough to be reported is thankfully happening on a pretty small scale in this country.

Not only that, but the number of reported incidents is down from 700 in 2020. So, bully to the comrades of the Irish Network against Racism if they had even the slightest impact in bringing that about. But of course, they did not. And nor are they one bit happy about it either – the fall in reported incidents that is.

Of course, the Irish Network against Racism is not going to highlight the fact that this reflects rather well on the people and the institutions of the Irish state. Because then perhaps some of the said institutions that give them money might wonder why INAR actually needs however many hundreds of thousands of Euro it receives from the Irish state and others every year.

The thing is too that you would not know how much INAR gets from you the taxpayer every year were you to rely on their annual reports which contain no financial information for either 2021 or 2020. We do know that in 2019 that the INAR received €270,000 in tax euros, mostly channelled through Pobal.

In seemingly justifying this public support for what is clearly, if you read their literature, a left wing activist group, Pobal’s own report on financial support for the “community” and “voluntary” sector quotes from the INAR’s own ludicrous claim that “in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement INAR has experienced a sharp, unprecedented demand for its services….. exacerbated by the context of an increase in racist activity.”

And yet, their own report shows absolutely no evidence that either serious racist violence or intimidation exists in Ireland, nor that it has increased. Unless of course you are prepared to accept the INAR’s own anecdotal evidence of non-reporting rather than the actual statistics.

The report goes on to accept from INAR’s own silly claims about “the worrying rise in ‘far-right’ activity in Ireland.” Who in the name of God is employed by a Government department, with the responsibility of handing out large sums of YOUR money, writes this?

Does the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Heather Humphreys, under whose care Pobal rests, even read these reports?  And if so, does she or her Government colleagues agree with the far-left ideology promoted by INAR? Does she believe that this is a suitable beneficiary of the Irish taxpayer’s money?

Has Minister Humphreys read the foreword to the 2021 report by INAR Director Shane O’Curry? In it, and following a screed worthy of some Trotskyist comic regarding “the terrifying assault” by “white supremacy” in the United States, and the supposed efforts by himself and his NGO chums to stymie the “strenuous investment by far-right actors,” O’Curry goes on to claim that their faith in the state that pays all of their wages is “alarmingly low”?

Does the Minister believe this? Does she also agree with the implication upon which the claim is seemingly based – that the Gardaí acted wrongly in the case of the shooting of George Nchenko?

Seriously. When one bears in mind that one of the other authors of this report is Dr. Lucy Michaels – who has built a thriving career via the British Home Office to the Irish “anti racist” industry and who has now opened a consultancy on all of this that will no doubt get lots of work and sponsorship from the usual suspects – it is high time to “call it out.”

These people have built a massively lucrative business model on the basis of something that even their own reports prove is a minor issue. There is little acknowledgement that even where racism does exist that there are proper channels with which to deal with it, and that it is highly unlikely despite their own self-aggrandisement that they have anything positive to offer that in any way justifies the amounts of public money they cajole out of naïve politicians.

In common with all the other NGOS in the racism industry, the vast bulk of the INAR’s “charitable income” from me and you is actually spent on paying themselves. Seemingly, in the case of the INAR, that means being paid to wait beside the phone for some randomer to call them to tell them that someone has looked sideways at them on the LUAS.

At a time when there are serious concerns regarding the ability of people to pay their mortgages, rents, energy and even food bills, surely this extravagance must be questioned? If the left’s patrons among the billionaire corporate meddlers wish to keep these people in jobs then that is their prerogative. It is not the responsibility of the Irish taxpayer to bankroll their attempts to portray the rest of us as white supremacist bigots.


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