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Senator: “Whether I am vaccinated or not is absolutely nobody’s business”

Senator Sharon Keoghan has slammed media intrusion into whether politicians, or any person, is vaccinated or not, saying “whether I am vaccinated or not is absolutely nobody’s business”. 

“My medical history is my business. It is nobody [else’s] business,” she told the Seanad debate on extending the Covid-19 restrictions.

“We are two years into Covid-19. People’s choice around vaccination is their choice. It has got nothing to do with me or with the Minister of State. If someone decides not to have the vaccination, that is their choice and I respect that choice. People are now more aware of what they must do to keep themselves safe. We all know the mitigating measures and the lines of defence we need to take,” she said.

The Independent Senator said that a journalist had emailed all Senators to inquire about their vaccine status.

“People might try to swing someone into a far right group just because that person stands up for those people who do not want to take the vaccine. I will stand up for those people in here. I believe we all received an email today from a journalist. This journalist was seeking to find out whether I was vaccinated and if I was taking the booster. It is nobody’s business. My medical history is my business. It is nobody’s business,” she said.

She criticized moves to make vaccines mandatory in Austria.

“I am really not happy about what is happening in Austria, which is mandating every single citizen to be vaccinated and fining, interning and detaining them if they are not vaccinated. We do not want to go down that road. We should not even consider going down that road,” she said.

“We must be very careful, however. There are people out there who we have left behind, that is, those who are medically exempt. Before we leave these House on Friday evening or before the Minister of State leaves on Thursday evening, we must ensure that legislation is brought forward in order that those people who are medically exempt will be able to access a medical Covid certificate,” she said.

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