School asked student (13) if she had said anything racist after she was assaulted by black classmate

The shocking video of a thirteen year old schoolgirl being beaten up near St Mel’s Cathedral in Longford is apparently still circulating on social media. 

The victim was sitting on the wall of the cathedral in waiting for a lift home from school. The church has become a drop-off and collection point for parents whose children attend Meán Scoil Mhuire secondary school in the town.

The blond girl is then subjected to a vicious attack. At first her assailant screams into her face, telling her to ‘f***ing apologise’ while the young girl tries to move away.

Then, the disturbing video shows the victim being dragged around by the hair, slammed to the ground, repeatedly kicked, punched, screamed at and kicked in the head again. Her horrified screams are clearly heard in the video.

It appears that the attack was filmed with the intention of posting it to social media, and one of the assailant’s group is heard saying ‘mad’ mad’, and ‘it will be up in a day’.

Gript has blurred out the faces of the schoolgirls involved which were clearly visible in the video which was posted to social media platforms.



The attacker returns to the victim and describes her as ‘you handicap’ before the video ends.

Gript has seen and heard voice messages sent to the victim prior to the attack, where the 13-year old was subjected to repeated taunts and bullying remarks. She was threatened with being ‘slapped down to earth’.

One parent told Gript that the attack is reportedly part of a pattern of assaults in the Longford school year, where a gang of girls have targeted and then physically attacked fellow students.

The 13-year old who was punched, kicked, beaten and dragged by the hair in the video, at first did not tell her parents what had happened, but asked the school to take action when the video of the attack began gathering significant views.

Her mother says that the school then rang her to say that  the girls had “a little bit of an argument” but they were going “to get the girls together to sort it out”.

“I didn’t know anything about the video, so when I saw it I was in complete shock. I felt sick,” the victim’s mother told Gript.

“The school told me I was ‘over-reacting’. I asked them why they hadn’t contacted the Gardai to report an assault on a minor,” she said.

She then learned that her daughter and another victim, who said she had also been physically assaulted by the same girls, were asked by the school if they ‘were racist in any way that might have instigated the incident’.

“I couldn’t believe it,” the victim’s mother said. “It felt like blaming the victim. And my daughter now has to go into school every day and sit in a classroom with someone who assaulted her. The school says she [the assailant] has a right to an education but my daughter has a right to feel safe, and there are other schools. There needs to be consequences for beating someone.”


“It feels like [the assailant] believes there will be no consequences for what she has done. It was put online, sharing it for everyone to see. She obviously feels untouchable,” the mother said.

She said that one of the other families whose daughter had also been physically attacked had also now been to the Gardai.

In a statement, gardaí confirmed they were “investigating an assault that occurred in the Townparks area of Longford town at approximately 4pm, Thursday 15th September 2022.”

In a letter to the victim, investigating Gardai said a “serious crime” had been reported and was being investigated

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