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Russian State TV: Look at our deadly plan to nuke Ireland

Two fascinating clips here, posted below. If you watch both, you’ll see that in neither instance is Ireland the target for a Russian nuclear attack. Both videos are ostensibly about what the Russians could do to the United Kingdom, their hated NATO enemy. Ireland is just collateral damage.

There is a substantial difference between the two videos, though: While both of them show Ireland being wiped off the map, the first is really just a graphics mistake. A Russian Sarmat ICBM missile striking London with a 100megatonne bomb would be one of the greatest atrocities in history, probably killing millions. But from a purely selfish point of view, Ireland would probably survive it. Or at least, we’d survive the initial strike. We’d almost certainly die later either from nuclear fallout from London, or, more likely, in the global nuclear winter that resulted from a full blown nuclear exchange between NATO and Russia. Still, we’d get a few weeks at least to savour the wisdom of our neutrality.

The second video, though, is the more disturbing. In this one, the Russian plan is more efficient: After all, one Nuclear missile strike on London would wipe out the capital, but places like Blackpool and Liverpool would survive. So plan B calls for the under-water detonation of a 100megatonne bomb, somewhere off the Atlantic, creating a half-kilometre tall Tsunami (or tidal wave, as we used to call it) that wipes Britain off the map altogether.

The problem here is that Ireland is in the way. In fact, in this scenario, it’s very likely that more Irish people would die than Britons. You can say goodbye to the west coast, for starters, and probably a lot more inland. Deaths – especially with no warning – could end up being in the hundreds of thousands, if not more.

And of course, Ireland in this scenario would actually work as a shield – a breakwater, if you will – for the British. After all, even a 500-m high wave is largely going to be flat by the time it passes across Ireland and hits the Irish sea. The welsh might experience a good day’s surfing, but not much more than that.

How plausible is all of this? You’d hope, not very.

The Russians, for all their sabre rattling, surely know that a nuclear WW3 – which either of these actions would provoke – would be the end of them, as well as us. It is impossible to believe that the entire Russian leadership would become, overnight, a mass-murder/suicide cult. Presumably (well, hopefully) this is another example of Putin practicing the “madman” theory of diplomacy. For as long as you believe he’s just crazy enough to do it, you give him a wide berth. Ironically, this is what a lot of Europeans thought about Donald Trump.

At the same time, Russian television is a scary place, right now. Bogged down in Ukraine, the Russian people are getting a constant message from their leadership that the reason for the slow progress is that Russia is already in a war with NATO, who wish to destroy the Russian people. If, as is by no means impossible, the Russian front lines in Ukraine were to crumble in the next few months, and Russia faced the humiliation of total defeat, who knows how they might react.

One thing’s for sure: If American or British television was running programmes on the nightly news about how NATO missiles could obliterate Russia, and wondering whether it should be done, the condemnation would be universal. There will be those who respond to this article by blaming the British, and the Americans, and absolving the Russians, but the facts are these: Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia, not NATO, is threatening Nuclear weapons. Sometimes things are, in fact, as black and white as they seem, no matter how much you might want to instinctively blame the west.

Here are the videos.

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