Report: Women in Ireland shocked at “excruciating pain” of “horrific” abortion pill 

Abortion, let us agree, is a grim business. A new report from trenchant abortion supporters, the Abortion Rights Campaign, has, perhaps unwittingly, underscored yet again just how horrific the procedure is for both mother and baby. 

In fact, “horrific” was one of the terms used by women who relayed their experience of taking the abortion pill.

The survey asked women to share their experience of abortion. It was evident from many of the responses that the outcome of taking abortion pills was not what they expected. Their experiences were shared anonymously.

“I was really shocked at how horrific the actual experience of the termination was. The doc said panadol would be enough. But I couldn’t keep water down. Vomiting, diarrhea, shaking, excruciating pain which all lasted 6 hours. I’m not sure if this is normal but it’s not what was talked about,” one woman wrote.

Another woman said she had not been fully aware of the pain and bleeding that would take place after taking the abortion pill.

“I didn’t feel like I was fully made aware of the pain and amount of bleeding. I was told ‘mild cramping’ – which was most definitely not the case… I was told to take 3 days max off work, and it actually took me 2 and a half weeks to recover , even then I still had heavy bleeding.”

One respondent said they “would like more in depth information about taking pills and more about the side effects.”

Another woman said: “The second pills that cause bleeding were much stronger than I thought. I had read the info packet that came with them and I had googled the effects but I wasn’t prepared for the pain. My BP dropped and my whole body cramped, I needed help getting off the floor to get my blood flowing again and it terrified me.”

The difficulty for abortion providers and supporters is that they work to create a narrative that these chemical abortions – which generally place between the fifth and twelfth week of pregnancy – are entirely the opposite of what these women have described. The reason abortion is such a horrendous experience is because it kills a baby, and ending a life in this way always involves pain and bleeding and suffering.

Women are sold abortion as a “right” – as a “normal” occurance according to the most recent campaigns. They are told to #shoutmyabortion, and the HSE even advises women to flush their aborted baby’s body “down the toilet”.

Will the Abortion Rights Campaign – or  the journalists so eager to report everything abortion supporters say – now say that women shoud be properly informed? That they should be allowed avail of an ultrasound to see their baby before an abortion, and be told that the pain and the bleeding can be anything but “mild”. Will the media recognise that women should be told that the abortion pill is not a magic wand and that they may see parts of their baby’s broken body with all the horror and distress that entails? Will they demand that women be told that there is a better option and support available for them and for their baby?

Will they listen to the devastating testimonies of women like Natalia who spoke of her horrendous experience at a rally in London recently?


They won’t, of course. Instead, ARC and the NWCI and the rest of the abortion extremists who have Stephen Donnelly’s ear are caling for the reflection period of three days to be removed, which will simply increase the number of abortions – and the number of women suffering “horrific” experiences and flushing their baby’s broken body down the toilet.

The reality of abortion, and of this abortion regime, is being swept under the carpet by the authorities. The shocking rise in the number of abortions belies the assurances given in the referendum that it would be “rare”. Doctors say  <> late-term abortions being performed in Ireland feel like “stabbing the baby in the heart”. They also write  <> they are left “begging for help” if babies survive late-term abortion. (We were told, of course, that late-term abortions wouldn’t happen, another lie).

Unless the upcoming abortion review is to be just a dishonest whitewash, these realities must be taken into account. Abortion is a grim business. Despite the raucous celebrations in Dublin Castle, most people recognise that. Now women who are being deceived are finding that out to their cost.

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