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Pro-life activist attacked outside Coleraine clinic

A man who was praying at an abortion clinic in Coleraine while offering what he described as “financial, physical and emotional support” to women “suffered a violent attack at the hands of people described as “pro choice activists”.

The pro-life activist was approached by a man who doused him – and the poster of a developing unborn baby he was holding – with red paint.

“The PSNI, who are treating the attack as a hate crime, were quickly on the scene and immediately requested that an ambulance attend as paint had been sprayed directly in the victim’s face and had gone into his eyes. He was treated at the scene and did not require treatment at hospital,” the group Abolish Abortion said.


Pro-life activists said that it was the second attack in a week and said that “the blame for that must lie squarely with pro abortion activists in Alliance for Choice, the Alliance Party, Sinn Fein and the Green Party.”

“All of these groups have been pushing the false narrative that Christians are harassing and intimidating people outside clinics. This inflammatory language is, however, completely without basis,” they said.

“The reality is that Christians are outside these clinics to offer physical, emotional and financial support to women who would avail of it; they are there to show love and offer help; they are there to follow Christ’s command to “love your neighbour”.

The activists said that politicians had decided to “label these ministries as ‘harassment and intimidation’ despite there being absolutely no evidence from the PSNI to support these claims. Their goal is simple – to stop this offer of support by fabricating evidence in order to push through legislation to criminalise Christians,” they claimed.

“As a result of their incendiary and inflammatory language, Christians are now being attacked on the streets. Thankfully legislation against harassment and violent intimidation already exists and it is this legislation that is currently being used by the PSNI to pursue the perpetrators of these attacks.”

“We are calling on our politicians to choose their words more carefully,” they said. ” Violence, harassment and intimidation should have no place in our society, especially when it comes as a direct result of a politician’s deceptive use of language,” the group said.

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