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Pregnant man emoji being added to social media apps

A pregnant man emoji will soon be added to social media apps in an effort to promote “diversity” and transgenderism.

The emoji was announced by the Unicode Consortium, which is a non-profit company which promotes unicode emojis being standardised across the web and regulates their use. The company said that they want to show more gender diversity in the emojis used online.

While same-sex couples and gender-neutral emojis were already added in 2019, the regulator was criticised because transgender symbols were not included. This will be an attempt to rectify this.

Some users, however, were not impressed.

“Sooo…the “trust the science” crowd is very excited about the pregnant man emoji…got it,” said Washington Times columnist Tim Young.

“F*** Apple for the pregnant man emoji,” said activist Ashley St. Clair.

“I’m so sick of the “pro-woman” Left taking everything unique to women and stripping us of our femininity.”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but men can not get pregnant,” said model Rachel Bush.

“There are certain things women can do that men can’t and vice versa. There is no need for a pregnant emoji man. What world are we living in, so weird.”

Singer Sean Feucht said “I can’t believe we have to repeat this: MEN CANNOT GET PREGNANT.”

After holding a vote on their site for which emoji users were most excited for, only 5% of the 15,000 voters said they were excited to use the pregnant man emoji.


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