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Poll: Public trust medics most, social media influencers least

The Ipsos MRBI Veracity Index for 2021 shows the public trust their pharmacists (96%), nurses (95%), and doctors (94%) most.

Teachers (88%), scientists (87%) and NPHET (87%) make up the rest of the Top 6 most trusted “types of people”, whilst bankers (34%), government ministers (31%), estate agents (29%), politicians (24%), advertising executives (17%) and social media influencers (6%) make up the six least trusted groups.

Trust in the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) is down four points however compared to last year, whilst trust in government ministers is down sixteen points.

EU leaders (49%) and local councillors (44%) were deemed more trustworthy, but clergy/priests rank higher still at 56%.

Journalists were well down the pecking order, having the trust of only 45% of people, marginally ahead of charity chief executives on 41%.

TV newsreaders (72%) and weather forecasters (82%) were well ahead of other media professions in terms of the trust they enjoy.

Meanwhile, Gardaí received a significant vote of confidence from the public, scoring 83% among the public.

“As Ireland grapples with the challenges of the Covid pandemic, we continue to trust our doctors, nurses and pharmacists the most when it comes to telling us the truth, as they once again top our Veracity Index,” said Tarik Laher, Director at Ipsos MRBI.

“Seven in eight of us also trust NPHET in this regard, though political figures in particular may be disappointed to see their lower trust levels among the public falling.

“While many trust scores have remained consistent since 2020, it is encouraging that the biggest increase comes in our trust for the ordinary person in the street, our fellow citizens, showing a rise of 4 points to 58%.”

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