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Poll: Only 27% of French think the EU is a clear advantage

A new major poll has found that only 27% of French people believe that the EU is advantageous to France overall.

The poll was conducted by France’s oldest and most respected daily financial newspaper, Les Echos, which is 114 years old.

According to the poll, which asked about the advantages and disadvantages of the EU, 39% of respondents say the EU had an equal amount of disadvantages and advantages.

33% said that membership of the bloc had more disadvantages than advantages. Meanwhile, only a mere 27% said that the EU is overall advantageous to France.

The poll immediately sparked calls from eurosceptics for a referendum on the subject.

“Only 27 percent of French people think that the advantages of the EU outweigh its disadvantages!” said Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois/

“The least of things would be that the candidates for the Presidential election propose a referendum on our membership of the EU!”

The finding comes just months away from France’s Presidential election.

Among the candidates running for the role is controversial rightwing figurehead Marine Le Pen, who in 2017 said that Britain had shown France how to leave the EU through Brexit.

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