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Petition by vaccinated to scrap Covid Pass gains 13,000 signatures 

A petition started by a vaccinated person, which seeks to gather support from other vaccinated Irish people to abolish the Covid pass, has reached almost 13,000 signatures. 

The petition states that the Covid pass, which restricts indoor dining, cinema visits and more to those who have been vaccinated, is a “divisive and discriminatory measure” and “should be abolished immediately”. 

“As a tool it divides the nation but if you are vaccinated but oppose the domestic COVID please add your name to this petition,” he wrote. “I still have faith in Irish people and I hope that deep down many know that it is fundamentally wrong to deny fellow citizens a normal everyday life based on a medical treatment.”

“I am vaccinated but I no longer feel comfortable sitting inside knowing that others cannot do so. The only reason the domestic COVID pass is possible is because the vaccinated consider it acceptable.”

“If you are vaccinated but against the domestic COVID pass please add your name and voice to this petition,” he said. To date, the petition has been signed by more than 12,600 people. 

While some commentators have sought to target those who are unvaccinated to blame for the continuing rise in Covid cases, it is now evident that waning vaccine efficacy has changed the landscape. A significant majority of those now dying with Covid in Ireland are, in fact, vaccinated according to recent reports

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