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Palestinian peace activist disappears after former Amnesty International employee causes his arrest

Hind Khoudary. Photo: Instagram

A former Amnesty International Research Consultant, Hind Khoudary, has come under fire after apparently causing the arrest of a Palestinian peace activist by Hamas.

Rami Aman, the activist in question, is one of the organisers of an event called “Skype With Your Enemy”, which sets up video calls between Palestinian and Israelis in an attempt to build peaceful links between the two group.

Khoudary put up a Facebook status calling attention to the call, and tagged in several senior Hamas officials to ensure it came to their attention. In later messages she said that all attempts at “normalization” between Israel and Palestine must stop, that “there is not justification for any natural activity with occupation”, and that “cooperation or dialogue with Israelis is unacceptable…collaboration with our enemies.”

Khoudary claims that she did not mean to cause the arrest of Mr Aman, but rather brought his work to the attention of Hamas officials as other people were accusing Hamas officials of knowing what Rami was doing and choosing not to arrest him.

Mr Aman was shortly afterwards arrested by Hamas for “holding a normalization activity” which a Hamas spokesperson called a “betrayal of our people and their sacrifices.”

Despite claiming that she did not mean for Mr Aman to be arrested by Hamas Khoudary responded to online criticism saying that she should be ashamed of herself for causing his arrest by asking why she should be “ashamed of myself for fighting normalization with Israel?”

Khoudary listed herself as an active ‘Research Consultant’ with Amnesty International, and Amnesty International have referred to her as a ‘Research Consultant’ in their own releases. Oddly Amnesty appear, on at least one occasion, to have introduced her as ‘a Palestinian journalist’, despite the fact she appears to have been working for them at that point. Following the breaking of this story Khoudary appears to have edited her online presence to now list herself as a former employee of Amnesty Ireland.

Khourdary has previously retweeted material calling on Palestinian media to self-censor in the name of Palestinian self-censorship.

When approached for comment Amnesty International said, “Hind Khoudary has not worked for Amnesty International for more than a year and was only ever employed on a short-term freelance basis. Her personal views do not represent those of the organization. It is a matter of grave concern if the welfare of any individual has been put at risk.”

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