Only 2 TDs have signed a pledge saying former Muslims should not be killed for leaving Islam

Only two TDs, Joan Collins and Thomas Pringle, have signed a pledge saying they support the global legalisation of apostasy from Islam and will oppose any attempts to introduce sharia law in Ireland – the penalty for apostasy from Islam under sharia law is death.

The Alliance of Former Muslims (Ireland), which was set up in 2017 as a support group and network for ex-Muslims in Ireland, say that they sent the pledge to TDs as part of an international campaign to bring attention to the dangers faced by former Muslims, both in Ireland and globally.

Kareem Muhssin, spokesperson for the Alliance, told Gript that the Alliance was motivated to ask TDs to sign the pledge due to that fact that “there are least 11 Islamic countries in which leaving Islam is punishable by death” and their concerns that “the introduction of sharia law is Ireland is actually a reasonable concern. In 2016 Ali Selim, secretary-general of the Irish Council of Imams and spokesperson of the Clonskeagh Mosque, openly said that once there was a Muslim majority in Ireland there should be Sharia.”

Kareem said that members of the Alliance have received threats, and that some have been physically assaulted and spat upon. In particular he highlighted the dangers that former Muslims in the Direct Provision system are faced with – forced to hide the fact they have left Islam in order to avoid violence from the Muslim residents.

According to Kareem the failure of Irish TDs to sign the pledge was disappointing, but not surprising. He said, “In our minds by failing to show support for ex-Muslims TDs are enabling the lynch mob mentality that we saw in the UK in 2015 when Nissar Hussain, who had converted from Islam to Christianity, was beaten nearly to death on the streets of Bradford.”

Kareem says that all the Alliance wants “is for TDs to sign the pledge and send us proof that they’ve signed. We don’t need them to march with us to Saudi embassy, we just want them to show they support the right of former Muslims to live in safety.”

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