One in eight of renters spent more than 50% of pay on rent 

Twelve per cent of those in rental accommodation spend more than half of their take-home income on rent, a new survey has found.  Some tenants in the greater Dublin area are forking out a hefty 64% of net income on rent. 

The research from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)  also found that half of tenants spend more than 30 percent of their net wages on ensuring a roof over their heads.

Concerns are expressed that increasing numbers of small landlords are exiting the rental market which may impact on supply and see average rents accelerate.

On average tenants pay 36 per cent of their net income on rent, with affordability and security as significant issues for renters.

One in five of those who responded said they were renting because they could not get a mortgage, with a further 15 per cent saying they were renting while saving a deposit for their own home. A significant percentage of those polled believe Central Bank rules on mortgage lending make it more difficult for them to buy their own homes.

79 per cent of tenants described their experience of renting in the private sector as either positive or very positive, while 88 per cent of small landlords rated their experience with their tenants as “positive” or “very positive”.

The profile of landlords is changing with investment funds hoovering up much of new builds to rent in the market.

The report brings together the findings of several surveys including 1,038 face-to-face surveys with tenants and 500 telephone surveys with landlords carried out last year and further in-depth interviews since.

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