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Number of Irish abortions double where baby has severe abnormality 

A new study has found that the number of abortions on babies with life-limiting conditions has doubled since abortion legislation was introduced in Ireland in January of this year. 

The Irish Independent reports that a conference of the Irish Congress of Obstetricians, Gynaecology and Perinatal Medicine heard that the new law saw an increase in the number of abortions performed after a diagnoses of a severe abnormality was made.

The study compared a sample of mothers who received such a diagnosis in the first nine months of 2018 with the same period of time in 2019.

Between January and September 2018, there were 67 diagnoses of significant foetal abnormalities – and six of these were considered life-limiting of ‘fatal’.

The study shows that in 2018 three abortions were carried out, indicating a 50pc rate, the study by an obstetrician and nurses in Galway University Hospital showed,

In the same period in 2019 there were seven terminations in similar cases, and while the definite number of cases in the period was still under calculation, the study therefore concluded the introduction of abortion had led to an increase in the number of women undergoing an abortion.

Vicky Wall of Every Life Counts said that she was alarmed by the immediate increase and “seriously concerned” that parents were not getting the support they needed to continue to carry their baby – an outcome she said had been shown to be more beneficial for both mother and baby: and for the family.

“We just want to make sure that parents are given the help they need to have the gift of time with baby, and we hear too often that they are made to feel abortion is the best option. They are not told of the immense love and joy parents get from pouring a lifetime of love into a short lifetime, and of the precious memories that can be made which bring so much healing,” she said.

“We’ve already had the terrible case in Holles Street where a baby was diagnosed with a severe abnormality and aborted, only for the parents to find out that there was nothing wrong with baby,” Ms Wall said. “The last thing we need as parents who are in shock is a rush to make a decision to abort baby.”

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