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NPHET say covid’s here to stay – so why not end the restrictions?

The chair of NPHET, Dr. Cillian De Gascun, has finally admitted that covid is endemic and will not be eliminated. So what exactly are we continuing with the emergency measures for?

As reported by Richard Chambers of Virgin Media news:

“@CillianDeGascun says Covid is becoming ‘endemic’. It will not be eliminated.

“If you haven’t been infected, and you haven’t been vaccinated, it’s likely only a matter of time before you become infected.”

“Our aim,” he says, “is to protect as many people as possible.”

Now, as has been pointed out already by others, the fact that it took our country’s leading health experts until almost August of 2022 to realise what should have been patently obvious from the start of the pandemic is an astounding indictment of our professional classes.

For an idea of this, the World Health Organisation was saying that Covid-19 may become endemic in May 2020.

So for our experts to only be copping on to this now is frankly embarrassing.

It’s also one in the eye for the Zero Covid advocates, who insisted for yonks that Covid could be stamped out and removed if we just kept people’s fundamental rights suppressed a little longer, all while worshipping NPHET. Paul Murphy, Zero Covid’s biggest advocate, has been slamming other parties left, right and centre for failing to follow NPHET’s advice.

So there goes that argument. But that’s neither here nor there.

The fact of the matter is, whether they know it or not, by admitting the disease is endemic NPHET have completely undermined whatever shred of argument there may still have been to continue with Covid restrictions.

Think about the erosion of our fundamental rights that have happened over the past year and a half: the State can tell you how many people you have at a funeral, how many people who can have at a wedding, how many people you can have at your shop or your home. They can decide which businesses open, and which businesses close. They can even outright ban religious services and legitimate protests against their policies.

And why was all this done? Well, on the basis that we were facing an “emergency.”

In fact, the original legislation instituting the Covid-19 restrictions was called the “Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (Covid-19) Act 2020.”

Even the “E” in NPHET stands for “emergency” – “National Public Health Emergency Team.”

An emergency is a temporary state – it’s something that happens suddenly and requires immediate and drastic short term action to deal with. Think the Emergency of World War 2, where we had temporary rationing of food and fuel and so on, on the understanding that the war would soon end and we would eventually be able to go back to normal.

If we now know that, in fact, Covid-19 will never go away, then this is not an emergency, by definition. Something that is permanent and to be dealt with on an ongoing basis does not justify such radical measures.

Therefore, all of the Covid-19 extreme legislation should be repealed from the books immediately and scrapped without hesitation.

Most of us have known this for a year or more already, but it’s nice to see the experts finally catch up.

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