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New Poll: Irish people like their wine, apparently

Sixty-one per cent of Irish Wine drinkers claim that they only open a bottle at the weekend, according to a new survey by the good folks over at

A survey carried out by has revealed that 87% of people decided to ditch Dry January in 2021 and 58% don’t see the point of it at all ever – ‘Dry What?’.   Wine seems to be the most popular tipple of choice with respondents but interestingly, the survey revealed that the vast majority of us (79%) are actually drinking less, but perhaps drinking better. 

61% of those surveyed are only savouring their Sauvignon, sipping their Shiraz or stopping to smell the Rosé at weekends.  10% indulge in their favourite tipple just one night a week and 8% only drink wine on occasions or as a special treat.  Only 5% of those surveyed admitted to drinking wine every night or ‘as soon as it’s midday somewhere in the world’ and, of course, the inevitable 15% who wondered ‘Is it wine O Clock yet?’  Overall, it seems we are not actually hitting the bottle as much as we think but taking a rather more refined approach.

Is that true?

The most recent figures available – from 2018 – show that Irish people bought the equivalent of 9.1million cases of wine that year. There are 12 bottles in a case of wine. That means that Irish people, in 2018, bought some one hundred and nine million bottles of wine. That’s 22 bottles for every man, woman, and child in the state.

Take out the children, the teetotallers, and the many, many, people who prefer beer, or spirits, or just about anything other than wine, and the average Irish wine drinker is probably going through two or three bottles a week.

So yeah: More proof that if you ask people how much or how often they drink, you might as well ask them to lie to you.

The better news is that 58% of us have enough sense to ignore the “Dry January” nonsense, which is just a marketing tool for the health people – who are never happy unless everyone else is miserable – to make the worst month of the year even worse again.

Anyway, at least half of us are honest in relation to another question:

When asked if they felt that they drank more during the last 9 months of the pandemic, just under half 47% cited that they definitely drank more but 34% said that they did at first and then went back to normal.  10% ‘stocked up and prepared for an apocalypse’ but equally 9% challenged ‘no, my body is a temple’

Drinking more seems logical – it’s not as if there’s much else to do. But my heart is with the ten per cent of Irish people who, fearing an apocalypse, decided that the most important thing to do in the face of potential disaster was to make sure the house was well-stocked with wine.


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