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Minister McEntee is wrong: Irish society did not behead men because they are gay

When The Irish Times is being attacked by elements of the NGO liberal left then you tend to sit up and pay attention. It is not so much really the call by the Trans Writers Union for a boycott of the People’s Daily of the Nice People that is noteworthy, as is the fact that it is being promoted by Uplift Ireland who do carry a bit of clout among the mainstream, as opposed to the Craggy Island faction, of the Woke.

The Trans Writers Union are calling on their “trans comrades, our allies, and anyone disenfranchised with the recent Irish Times editorial decisions” to boycott the Party organ until their demands are met. The demands being that 1) the Times withdraw and apologises for a “conversion therapy” piece; and, 2) that the newspaper adopt a “trans-inclusive editorial line.”

Uplift host all manner of mad petitions so this one is not out of place but it also claims to be “a people powered community of over 340,000.” How they make that out I am not certain as they say they have 773 members. It may be to do with the fact that their niche in the leftie NGO sphere appears to be – apart from using the bulk of their funding to pay their own staff – to collect money from others in NGOland to promote marginal stuff.

They got almost €50,000 from the Soros account according to their last published financial statement, along with another €30,000 from Neo Philanthropy which seems to be a conduit for  larger liberal foundations such as Atlantic, Open Society and Ford, and whose main function in the United States is to support the Democratic Party with election funding.

Uplift claims to have received over €214,625 in “member donations” in 2020. That appears very high compared to the paltry amount of membership funding that even the large NGOs claim to receive, so it is possible that some of that is donations from other organisations including other NGOs.

I don’t know because Uplift don’t say other than the amount included donations from 773 members in 2020.  That would amount to €277.65 a year for an individual and I doubt there are many similar organisations which have that sort of prosperous or committed individual membership base.

Perhaps some of the members are other organisations, perhaps other NGOs who are recycling monies they themselves receive from the taxpayer?  All that really ought to be made clear in the accounts of all such bodies.

All of that is by way of a segue – love that word – into a rather unseemly squabble among certain elements of the liberal left following the horrendous murders of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee. One part of it seems to be driven by the sort of absurd attack by UCD Professor McAuliffe on the alleged complicity of mainstream feminists in creating the atmosphere that she and other gender ideologues claim contributed to the murders.

None of this is new. Anyone familiar with the history of the totalitarian left from the Jacobins to the Khmer Rouge will know that the terrorists eventually get around to taking down their own. “The wolves devour one another” – usually, unfortunately, not until after they have done the same to their more immediate enemies. So, if the purges are starting now, all the better you might say.

Which brings me to another point. These people are thriving in a mainstream that has encouraged their lunacy.

The Irish Times boycott is one example. More pertinent, however, is that elected politicians including government ministers are contributing to this by their statements which endorse much of the shoddy and malevolent thinking that lies behind it.

One prime example is Minister for Justice Helen McEntee’s statement in the wake of the murders of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee in which she referred to “incidents that we thought were behind us.”

Really? And the last time anyone was tortured to death and beheaded by someone in Ireland because of their sexuality was when exactly Minister?

This nonsense has now been taken up by others and become the go-to-phrase by some on social media who mindlessly – and yes, that is the right description – repeat McEntee’s claim as though it embodies some sort of unquestioned truth about this country: that there was a time when such horrors were commonplace.

It beggars belief that this needs to be clarified, and for the Minister for Justice no less, but at no time in the history of the Irish state were men beheaded because they were gay. This is not something that happened in the past – but it seems it may be something that is part of our present, yet the policies that are enabling it seem to be escaping scrutiny.Her remark also feeds into the sort of nonsense I have seen where some were criticising the homily given by the priest at the funeral of Aidan Moffitt. Fr. Michael McManus referred to the grief felt by the family and friends of a man who was clearly much loved and much a part of his community, right down to a Roscommon GAA flag being one of the offerings, his participation in local politics as a member of Fine Gael, and his involvement in horse racing.

All things he shared with huge numbers of people in Irish society, yet some people – many of whom loathe probably all of those central parts of Aidan Moffitt’s life – attempt to attribute some of the responsibility for his murder to society in general. We saw the same following the murder of Aisling Murphy.

Did anyone try to stop Aidan Moffitt from taking part in any of those things because he was a gay man? Much less, did anyone in his own community, any Irish person, ever attempt to murder him because of it?

And let’s be frank, the person who carried out his murder and the murder of Michael Snee is no part of our community. Not because of his race or his religion, but because he chose not to be. Which is anyone’s own business except when they become violent enemies of that community.

Perhaps the Minister might reflect then on some of the factors that are contributing to current patterns of violence and social dysfunction, rather than engaging in a mythical ideologization of a past that involved the torture and beheading of gay men by Irish men. It never happened.

If she wishes to lessen the chances of it happening again in the future, then she might take steps that are in her power to prevent it.

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