Ming: Someone hacked my account and looked for nudey pictures

Highly amusing.

This all began at 2.50AM, when somebody noticed an…. unusual tweet from the MEP’s account concerning his constituency colleague, ex-Green candidate Saoirse McHugh:

The tweet, slash google search gone terribly wrong, was swiftly deleted, and that would seem to have been the end of that. An embarrassing middle-of-the-night blunder, worthy of a giggle or two, and swiftly forgotten.

But no.

Something much more serious afoot, says Ming:

This is, indeed, grave.

Not only was his account hacked, it was hacked (to quote a British minister) in a highly limited and specific way.

Somebody accessed it at 2.50AM in order to post a compromising line of text which might make it look like the MEP was searching for a naughty photograph of Ms. McHugh.

They then deleted the tweet, almost immediately. Rather than do things that a hacker might do – like search his account for politically embarrassing private messages, say – they then immediately left the account and handed it back over to Ming this morning, in time for him to change his password.

Of course, if a hacker wanted to make it look like Ming was fibbing, this is exactly what they would do, so it can’t be ruled out.

One to ponder on, anyway.

No comment, as of yet, from Ms. McHugh, who’ll surely be glad to know that while she is not in the European Parliament, she’s certainly on the minds of some members of the European Parliament.

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