Embarassing: Mick Wallace reads love letter to China in EU Parliament

Long standing, and highly respected ex-RTE political editor David Davin Power had a one-word response to this video, yesterday afternoon:


My own word for it, to be honest, is a little stronger: Bollocks.

Nearly everything Wallace says in that video is a falsehood. Take, for example, his declaration that China is “a global leader in Climate Mitigation”. That is not only untrue – it is untrue to an absurd degree. China emits more carbon into the Atmosphere than any other country, and single-handedly produces fully a quarter of global carbon emissions. As of today, it is presently planning to build (yes, build – not counting those already in place) enough Coal-fire power plants to power the whole of Germany. It puts more plastic into the oceans than most of the west combined.

Let us move on though: China, he declares, has had “one of the best Covid mitigation strategies on earth”.

And according to the official figures, that is true. China reports that it has had ninety thousand covid cases, and 4,636 deaths, out of a total population of 1.3898 billion people.

Ireland, by contrast, has had two hundred and fifty thousand cases, and 4,908 deaths, out of a population of 4.9million. Yes, they claim to have had fewer cases, and deaths, than Ireland.

China, in other words, is lying, very brazenly, about its Covid record. That’s how you get to “one of the best covid mitigation strategies on earth”.

All of this, of course, before we get to the fact that China is presently engaged in a genocide against a whole people – the Uigher Muslims – within its own borders. Or the fact that China is responsible for about 90% of the global trade in endangered animals. Or the fact that it has for years forcibly sterilised women, forced abortions on women, and “disappeared” countless of its own citizens.

Wallace’s speech here should not be seen in a vacuum, either. He and “close associate” Clare Daly are just back, you might remember, from a visit to Iraq, where they prostrated themselves in front of an Iranian-backed militia group responsible for beheadings, rapes, and amputations. Then we had Daly’s speech in the EU Parliament recently in which she all but made love, verbally, to Vladimir Putin, and denounced one of his internal opponents – who is currently languishing in prison, courtesy of Putin – as a “fascist”.

We hear a lot in Ireland about the rise of “far right extremism” on facebook and social media. We hear an awful lot less, don’t we, about the presence, amongst our elected representatives, of actual far left extremism. Why is that?

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