Media can’t admit all abortions are “wrongful”

Baby Christopher deserved his chance at life, just like every other unborn child our media and many doctors have portrayed as disposable.

There is a tragic irony in seeing media outlets lament the death of Baby Christopher, having laid the groundwork for the abortion that killed him and thousands of others by steadily chipping away at Ireland’s laws over the years.

Editors, columnists, news presenters and reporters might mourn the loss of Baby Christopher in what they have deemed a “wrongful termination“, but their consistent portrayal of abortion as a human right, keeping the humanity of its victims from the limelight, has led to this day where they are now forced to cover a tragedy of their own making.

The cruel and inaccurate ‘fatal foetal abnormality’ term widely used by abortion-campaigning journalists and medics undoubtedly sparked fear in the minds of Baby Christopher’s parents, with few of us ever informed that most babies with Trisomy 18 live beyond birth, sometimes for days, and other times for weeks, months and years.

A positive culture might foster in everyone an abhorrence of taking human life, but the relentless media push to dehumanise sick or unwanted unborn babies, calling them mere ‘clumps of cells’ for example, has had its effect.

We now live in a country where at least 6,000 Baby Christophers are killed annually, most of whom are similarly healthy (not that it increases their value).

The HSE even advises those who have early abortions to flush the remains of their little one “down the toilet“.

These facts are overlooked however by our ruling class, drunk as they are on notions of their own enlightenment, too busy leading a blind majority onwards to the next dystopian reality.

Their control of almost every significant institution in the state means there will be no reassessment of the barbarous, cruel and inhuman end all aborted babies suffer on our island, not until this sorry generation is succeeded by a more noble posterity.

None of this will change the outcome for Baby Christopher and all his fellow victims however, robbed as they were of their only chance at life by a nation that couldn’t truly care less.

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