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McConkey admits: Covid cases will go down on their own

If you have a functioning memory and an understanding of object permanence, you’ll probably recall a time just a couple of months ago when certain facts about Covid were absolutely ironclad gospel truth.

For example, in December of last year, if you said that prior Covid infection gave better protection against future infection than the vaccine, what would be the reaction of Official Ireland?

Well, according to Big Tech, the media and politicians, you’d not just be wrong, but you’d be a deranged conspiracy theorist. They’d likely call for you to be silenced and banned from social media for spreading such sickening lies and dangerous “misinformation.”

Or imagine if you said that restrictions were unnecessary and that the virus was largely seasonal. Once again, as recently as December or January, this was tinfoil hat garbage. To even express such a view would show how dangerously “anti-science” you were.

And yet, in the space of a few short months, we open the Irish Examiner to see the following:

“Professor Sam McConkey said he is “cautiously optimistic” given the current rate of decline.

He said a further sharp decline in the number of Covid patients in hospitals likely over the coming weeks.

“A lot of people who have been exposed have had it and in some ways that’s a natural booster,” said Prof McConkey.

“The BA.2 strain has boosted our immune systems above and beyond even the Covid vaccines so I’m cautiously optimistic that we will see a very dramatic decline in the number of cases in hospitals and in the number of people getting Covid in the next two to four weeks.””

On the idea that Covid numbers would drop on their own, McConkey said he was basing this belief on figures from Denmark, which has similar stats to Ireland but which saw a dramatic drop in Covid numbers without restrictions.

As reported by Newstalk:

“I’m cautiously optimistic that that will continue to drop quite dramatically based on something similar that’s happened in Denmark,” Professor McConkey told Newstalk.

“Which is a similar size and vaccination status to us – they’re two or three weeks ahead of us and they had high levels and then it dropped off.

“I’m expecting it to continue to rapidly decline over the next two to four weeks.”

I say this sincerely without a hint of sarcasm: fair play to Professor McConkey for at least having the honesty to admit this as the evidence emerges.

However, speaking generally about our culture, is it not amazing that this week, these ideas are “science.” They can be published in the mainstream papers, by mainstream scientists, with little to no controversy.

Yet just a few short months ago, this was dangerous hogwash worth censoring and silencing people over.

As the facts continue to come out about what worked and what didn’t regarding Covid-19, there are going to be more and more people who should, by rights, apologise, and a lot of people who are owed apologies.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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