Mattie McGrath: ‘EU deal will cost every man woman and child €3,201. No-one fought for Ireland’.

Tipperary TD, Mattie McGrath, has strongly criticised the government for what he described as its failure to fight for Ireland when negotiating the European Covid-19 recovery deal “We’re the good boys in Europe. We’re the lackeys. We accept everything and nod” Deputy McGrath told the Dáil. He said that other countries had demanded write downs but Ireland “got nothing” for being the “good boys in the class”.

Under the recovery deal, Ireland will pay a net of €15.7 Billion into the funds – a cost of €3,201 for every Irish person in contrast to the cost of €780 per capita for France, the Deputy pointed out.



“It’s our duty to rattle the cages, to fight for Ireland, not to be adoring the prima donnas in the European project,” he said. He added that people on the dole, farmers and others who were struggling did not agree with the assessment that Ireland could agree to be a net contributor of billions as ‘our economy is booming’.

And he blasted those who deflected from the billions Ireland has committed to paying to the recovery fund by referencing what Ireland had previously got from Europe. “It’s  like talking about the choc-ice we had yesterday, that’s gone, done – I’m thinking about the future,” he said.

The Tipperary deputy said that “there was no solidarity” from the EU with Ireland since the bank bailout – “it wasn’t a bailout, it was a cleanout” he said. “They kicked us in the teeth when we were down – we’re still lying down.”


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