Entire Management Board at sex-change clinic for kids disbanded

The Management Board of the Tavistock Clinic’s Gender Identity Development Services (GIDS), which specialized in the treatment of children, has been disbanded following “growing scrutiny and controversy.” 124 Irish children have been sent to the clinic for assessment or treatment over the past 3 years, with 7,883 British children, some as young as 4, being seen in that time. The numbers being seen by the Clinic have increased at a dramatic rate over the past number of years.

According to documents released by the Board the move came after a string of failures. A recent report by the British health regulators, CQC, which had rated GIDS as “inadequate” and had highlighted wide ranged failures within the service, was noted as being the catalyst for the change in management. That report had found, amongst other issues, that the clinic had failed to consistently record “the competency, capacity and consent of patients referred for medical treatment before January 2020.” A review of a random sampling of patient records showed that only 30% of patients could be shown to have “a completed consent form and checklist for referral.”

The CQC report came shortly after the Clinic’s recent loss in the Bell v Tavistock court case, which saw GIDs excoriated by judges for its failures to ensure children consented before undergoing potentially irreversible medical treatments. That case is currently being appealed but the court ruled that it was “highly unlikely” that those who 16 would be able to do so given that the treatments given by GIDS were “experimental”, the actual purpose of the treatments was unclear, and that the treatments could lead to “a loss of fertility” and “sexual function.” During that trial the Clinic was unable to say what the average age of those they gave puberty blockers to actually was, but said that they had given them to children as young as 10 in recent years.

The court argued that “whilst children may understand the concept of the loss of fertility”, this was not the same as being able to understand how that loss would affect their adult life. The court said that, with the Tavistock Clinic treating children as young as 10, it would simply not be possible for a child of that age to “conceptualise what not being able to give birth to children (or conceive children with their own sperm) would mean in adult life.”

An Interim Management Board has been appointed to oversee “both a transformation program and also current clinical operational delivery.” A new GIDS Oversight Committee, chaired by the CEO of the Tavistock Clinic Paul Jenkins, has been created to directly oversee the work of GIDs. Officials removed from the Management Board will be assigned to other roles “relevant to their skills and experience.”

You can read the document released by the Board Below.

Tavistock Board Document 1

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