A Dublin Credit Union has been accused of discrimination for banning a disabled member of the credit union from participating in a draw to win a car, despite that member having previously paid to take part in the draw.

Link Credit Union in Kingscourt has banned member Matthew Riley from the draw, saying that their solicitors have said that they could not allow an ‘incapable’ member of the credit union to enter the draw as that member wouldn’t be able to use the car if they won.

Matthew had taken part in the draw, which costs 60 euro to take part in, for a number of years previously, leaving the family to wonder if the Credit Union would have simply refused to give Matthew the car had he ever won it. So far the Credit Union has not offered to refund any of the money Matthew has spent on the draw over the years.

Michael O’Dowd, a disability rights campaigner and former board member of Down Syndrome Ireland, said that the ban was ‘unbelievable’ and ‘typical of an attitude that wants to limit the lives of people with disabilities rather than supporting and encouraging them’.

The Credit Union told us they had no comment to make on the story when we reached out to them.