Life Institute says Vote Pro Life blitz reaching 300,000 voters

Leading pro-life group Life Institute says its Vote Pro Life blitz is reaching 300,000 people in the last week of the electionThe group issued a “Find Your ProLife Candidate” information campaign this week, producing what it described as a “comprehensive and carefully researched” listing of candidates who support the pro-life position.

In a email to supporters the pro-life organisation said: “the good news is that there are pro-life candidates in almost all constituencies, which means you can cast your vote in confidence. We’ve checked and examined the voting records, public statements, and social media accounts of candidates to check their position on abortion – as well as gathering  local information from our grassroots network.”

Candidates were listed per constituency, divided into four regions: Dublin, Connaught/Ulster, Leinster and Munster.

The Life Institute also ran a series of hard-hitting messages and a Vote Pro-Life video on social media, where they said the message reached tens of thousands of voters each day.


“This is a voter’s guide for your information, we do not endorse any candidates or parties in any election.  We do encourage you to use your vote as effectively as possible, however, and to remember that you can transfer your vote to other pro-life candidates,” they told voters.


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