An EasyJet passenger who was late for his flight has been jailed for causing a bomb scare because he feared the plane would takeoff without him.

Rashidul Islam (32) called police less than an hour before his flight from Gatwick to Marrakesh was due to depart, telling them there might be “a bomb on the plane”. Islam’s train had been cancelled and his taxi was stuck in traffic.

He was sentenced to 16 months in jail yesterday at Lewes Crown Court after the hoax call caused all 147 passengers to be evacuated from the plane and then rechecked. The fiasco cost the airline a three-hour delay and approxiamately £30,000.

Islam pleaded guilty to communicating false information and was also banned from Gatwick Airport. The desperate measure taken by Islam almost worked as he made the second check-in, only to then be reprimanded by police who had traced the call.

A Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokesman said: “Islam anonymously called police 45 minutes before his easyJet booking from Gatwick was due to take off, warning: ‘Someone may have a bomb on the plane, you need to delay the flight’.

“The hoax initially succeeded in giving Islam time to check in but he was arrested at the gate after police traced him as the anonymous caller.”

Hoax bomb scares are not quite a thing of the past in Ireland too it seems, as one worker proved when he shut down part of the M4 and the entire Intel plant in Leixlip where he employed in 2015.

Colin Hammond (21) paid his friend €30 to call-in a bomb scare to his workplace because he wanted to have a day off. Over 4,000 Intel staff also got the day off because of the phone call.