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Kim’s Last Hope Rejected: Woman in Dog Bite Saga Shows No Mercy

Donal Rogers is continuing to fight for the life of his beloved pet Jack Russell, Kim. 

Last week the 85 year old retired garda sent a final emotional plea to a woman who says Kim bit her on the leg while walking by Donal’s remote home in Roscommon.

The woman, Breid Greene who resides in Clonmel County Tipperary, has rejected all pleas to have mercy on the dog, who is Donal’s chief companion in life. 

Although Donal had hoped that he could make a further appeal within the courts, Gript believes that no legal avenues remain open to him. This means that the only way to save Kim would be for Greene to agree for a stay to be put on the order for her destruction. 

Gript published the heart-breaking letter in which Donal offered to financially compensate Greene, to cover any medical expenses, to make an undertaking that Kim would be muzzled while outside, for her to undergo training, and more. 

As a result of the large level of attention Kim’s story garnered, a solicitor and barrister offered their services pro bono to try and reach a settlement with Greene, however several heartfelt  attempts to seek clemency were summarily rejected.

To date, just under 58,000 people have signed a petition to save Kim’s life and numerous offers of help have been offered by concerned readers including; building a secure fence around Donal’s Roscommon home to ensure Kim stays off the road, having Kim assessed by a dog behavioural expert, and more. 

All and any attempts to avoid Kim’s destruction have fallen on deaf ears.

Kim: Credit: Gript

Donal, who has trouble with his heart, told Gript that the rhythm of his pacemaker was “higher than it should have been” on the days he appeared in court trying to defend his canine friend. 

He says Kim, who will be six next month, is doing well, but that he is finding the whole ordeal very stressful.

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