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Roscommon Man’s heartbreaking final appeal for dog’s life

85 year old Donal Rogers has sent an emotional letter pleading for his dog’s life to be spared.

The retired garda who lives with his dearly beloved canine companion, Kim the Jack Russel, sent the letter to a woman who says Kim bit her as she was passing Donal’s house in rural Roscommon.

The woman, who has an address in Clonmel, County Tipperary, won an order to have Kim put to sleep after the 5 year old dog bit her on the leg some months ago.

Although the courts have issued, and upheld, an order for Kim to be put down, the woman has the power to stop that from happening should she have a change of heart.

The emotional appeal was sent on Donal’s behalf by a solicitor and barrister who, moved by Kim’s plight, offered Donal their services pro-bono in efforts to reach a settlement.

The letter details how much Kim means to Donal, and how he would find it difficult to cope without her.

In the letter Donal said that Kim is an “immense comfort” to him adding, “I can’t imagine life without her”.

Speaking to Gript, Donal said he has not been sleeping well because of the stress he is under, adding “but that’s the way, I have to deal with it.”

The letter contained a detailed proposal of ways Donal might undertake to ensure that the little dog would not cause harm in the future, although she has never bitten anyone before or since the incident in question.

Donal’s plea mentioned how he is of modest means, but how members of the public have gathered money to help him secure his property with a fence to make sure Kim stays off the road.

He also expressed his willingness to have Kim muzzled at all times when outside, to have her evaluated by a professional dog trainer, and undergo specialized training if necessary.

An offer of financial compensation for the woman was also restated.

In a final desperate appeal for clemency Donal asked that the woman agree for the courts to stay the order for Kim’s destruction, in so far as there would be no future incidents of concern.

Donal begs the woman to offer any solution that would be satisfactory to her, besides Kim’s death saying, “I will do anything that is required. Please just tell me what I need to do”.

So far over 55,000 people have signed a petition in hopes that Kim’s life could be spared.

A GoFundMe has also been set up in hopes of helping the elderly man secure his property. Donal told Gript that if all else fails he would donate the money to a dog’s charity.

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