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“Jubilant scenes” as French Assembly rejects re-introduction of Covid vaccine pass

When French President Macron’s Ensemble lost its majority in last month’s elections to the National Assembly, there was much speculation as to what that might mean. One of the first major consequences of that were manifested last night when the government were defeated twice on key aspects of a proposed health bill.

The Assembly first voted to reject the proposal to allow for the re-introduction of a Covid vaccine pass for children, and then by 219 votes to 195 to reject any re-introduction of the pass as a requirement for external travel.


The most interesting aspect of the vote was that the anti-government majority was overwhelmingly comprised of the 131 Deputies of Mélenchon’s far left NUPES and the 89 who sit as members of Marine Le Pen’s Ressemblement National.

Many of the centre left and centre right deputies abstained or were not present for the votes.

Irish observers might ponder the fact that there would not only appear to be a genuine anti-establishment voice in French politics, but that the radical left in France takes a very different view on matters such as the Covid vaccine passport to their counterparts here, where all of the left parties supported the entire range of draconian restrictions in the Dáil.

Sinn Féin, of course, were part of its introduction in the north


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