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John McGuirk and Karl Deeter: Ireland is hysterical about Covid

Journalist and Financial Adviser, Karl Deeter, has said that Ireland has become “hysterical” about Covid, and that we are caught in a “doom-scrolling scenario of armageddon” which he claimed had “become a national obsession”.

Deeter said that he had recovered from a Covid infection recently and that he believed “It’s going to get everybody eventually.”

“There’s going to be new variants … [Covid] is not going away,” he said, adding that Ireland had “completely lost perspective” and that the country needed to “grow up” and realise that there were always risks in life.

Gript Editor, John McGuirk, joined Newstalk presenter Kieran Cuddihy along with Deeter for the discussion, at a time when yet another lockdown looms.

Cuddihy said that in the UK people had moved on with their lives, and that people found the relentlessly negative # Covid coverage “dispiriting”.

In response, Deeter said that, for those below the age of 18, deaths from Covid were at just 2 per million contrasting with 1 in every 4000 for all causes of death.

He slammed the push for young children to wear masks in primary schools, and said it was time to move on.

John McGuirk said that the public’s lack of understanding regarding the need to learn to live with Covid was driven by the media – and reiterated his description of  Nphet modelling as ‘garbage’.

You can hear the discussion here: https://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/highlights-from-the-hard-shoulder/has-ireland-slipped-into-mass-hysteria-over-covid

He said that the media had utterly failed to challenge Nphet on its failures and pointed out that hospitalisations were significantly lower than the advisory body predicted. He accused Nphet of being “wildly pessimistic” and said the media didn’t ask hard questions despite having the platform to do so.

The Gript Editor said that the taxpayer-funded media was campaigning for more restrictions.

Karl Deeter said that Ireland is “a small country being hard-wired into mass hysteria” by social and traditional media who were guilty of a ‘utter dereliction of duty by failing to give people perspective’.

He said that the total deaths in Ireland in 2020 “were not much higher than 2019” but that we had become a nation of “twitching curtains, wanting to tell on people – tutting folks for not behaving, we’re creating of authoritarians”.

“We’re the highest vaccinated in the world, we’ve got loads of rules and Covid is running rampant,” he said.

John McGuirk said that there were 118 people in the ICU and that we were a nation of 4.9 million  people with a health service budget of €22 Billion per year, and that “if our health service is creaking at the seams because there are 118 people out of a population of 4.9 million requiring intensive care, the problem is not Covid it is years of systemic mismanagement of the health service”.

He said that in 2010 it was advised that the number of ICU beds be doubled in Ireland but that advice was ignored and the number of beds actually fell.

“We are moving towards restrictions in a sense of panic based on Nphet models,” he said, “but those numbers are not appearing.”

He added that older people were living in self-imposed house arrest because they had been made to live in constant fear, often despite vaccination, and that the current climate was “ruining people’s lives.”

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