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Joe Duffy “contributes” to the assault of trans women – TENI CEO

Éirénne Carroll, CEO of the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), has claimed in a series of tweets that Liveline presenter Joe Duffy is “contributing to [sic] assault and harassment of trans women” and asking “how do you look at yourself in the mirror at night knowing you contribute to trans assault?”

The comments were made after the veteran radio presenter hosted a show about Department of Education proposals regarding gender neutral toilets in schools.

That show in question was at times heated, with Duffy apologising on air to Laoise Uí Aodha, a spokesperson for the feminist group The Countess, after a caller branded her a “homophobia feminazi” for opposing the proposals.

Carroll said that “the fact that radio hosts spent hours today vilifying trans kids” and “allowed people to bully and harass them on air for hours is disgusting.” She ended by saying that she prayed “there is no blood on your hands tonight.”

At no point did Carroll provide any evidence that either Joe Duffy, or a caller to Liveline, say anything that a reasonable person would consider to a vilification of anyone transgender, let alone that the show had specifically contributed to the assault and harassment of trans women.

Carroll also claimed, again without any stated evidence, that “50% of trans girls that have to use boys bathrooms are sexually assaulted.” We asked both TENI and Carroll to provide the evidence behind that claim, but at time of print we have yet to receive a response.

When asked to comment on Carroll’s comments The Countess told Gript that they were “a non partisan, voluntary, human rights group that advocates for women and children in Ireland. We are focused on practise & policy.” They invited people to listen to the show and “decide for themselves”, saying they aim to “facilitate a calm, measured and evidence-based discussion on the impact of gender ideology and ‘inclusivity’ on women and children.” They closed by saying they would “welcome” the opportunity to discuss these issues with representatives of TENI “at any time.”

When asked for comment Liveline told Gript that “RTÉ has no comment to make.” Neither TENI nor Carroll have so far responded to our requests for comment, although Carroll’s Twitter account is now private.

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