JK Rowling bomb tweeter is an Irish far-Leftist

J.K Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter books, is probably the best known of the betes noire
of the transgender extremists and their “allies” on the left. She has been threatened with
beatings, rape and murder by otherwise devotees of #bekind and so forth.

The latest one to be highlighted by TERF Number One was a rather disturbing tweet which
included Rowling’s address, a photograph of a pipe bomb, and a screenshot of an Army armed
forces instruction manual telling anyone who might wish to take the hint how to assemble an
explosive device.

All great fun until somebody loses an eye, as they say. Anyway the intrepid interstitial detectives of Reduxx did some detective work and discovered that the author of the tweet, who obviously went to some trouble to assemble the charming message rather than having clicked a few links after a feed of pints, is of this parish.

Yes, one of our own as it were. A chap calling himself Shane Murray although he may now be a she, to paraphrase Lou Reed. Murray had a Twitter account @fuckfinegael – which he had suspended for a time but had revived in May this year, whence the Rowling threat was issued on June 14. Another person currently uses the same handle but claims to have nothing to do with Murray.

Murray was, and perhaps still is involved with a number of far-left groups in Dublin including Youth Against Racism and Inequality, and ROSA. Both of these groups would be commonly accepted to be dominated by members of the Socialist Party, if not in fact solely peopled by their members. Just another of the many tiny and irritating fronts created by cultish Trotskyists in order to inveigle the innocent into becoming targets for recruitment.

Indeed, Murray himself was quite likely a member of the Socialist Party, and even has his own page on their site as a donor. Gript contacted both the Socialist Party, as well as Cork North Central TD Mick Barry, to enquire whether Murray was or still is a member of their organisation – the SP having abandoned the party name for electoral purposes and is now a part of the Solidarity/People Before Profit Dáil group which includes, Barry, Paul Murphy, Bríd Smith, Richard Boyd Barrett and Gino Kenny.

We had received no response by the time of publication. Meanwhile, the peelers in Scotland are investigating the threat which is pretty much in the category of the “individual terrorism” which the Socialist Party greatly deplored when it was practised by the now defunct Provos, their current bed fellows on the far left. Trotskyists of course traditionally favour mass terror as practised by their heroes Lenin and St. Leon.


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