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“It’s a quasi religious cult,” Kellie Jay Keen says trans activists do her work better than she does.

Kellie Jay Keen, the women’s rights advocate behind the much talked about Let Women Speak event due to take place in Belfast tomorrow, has told Gript that women’s voices are being silenced in the name of trans rights. 

Keen said Let Women Speak came about when she decided to bring women’s voices into the “public square” as the “modern public square” – which she calls the media – was preventing them from speaking about certain issues. 

She says Let Women Speak events  – which have seen her travel as far as New Zealand and Australia – are “about creating a space in which women can speak about things they are concerned about, particularly in regards to losing their spaces, language, and child safeguarding.” 

Protests are planned to oppose tomorrow’s event with activist groups advising participants to ‘cover their faces’ and ‘not speak to cops’. Suggestions have also been made online that protestors ‘use their bodies’ to oppose the event. 

Keen says she believes the level of hostility directed towards Let Women Speak is because the “opposition has an indefensible position,” 

“They’d rather silence any dissent rather than defend their ideology because essentially it’s a quasi religious cult,”.   

Asked why the decision was made to cancel the Let Women Speak event which was to be held in Dublin today Keen said this was due to a lack of available Garda resources due to the visit of US President Joe Biden. 

“They wouldn’t confirm that they would actually protect women,” she said, adding “obviously women do feel very unsafe in this country trying to speak about their rights and so we have to make sure we’ve got the full cooperation of the police,”.

Keen says the Dublin event will be rescheduled, adding that she wanted to speak in Ireland but that it felt “silly” to go ahead with the event “without police protection” due to the level of threats levelled against her. 

Because of these threats the mother of four says she has to have “close personal protection” which is “very expensive” as well as trained stewards and cooperation from local police. 

She said it was “just barmy,” and “so preposterous” that police protection was necessary for people trying to say thighs like: “we would like female only toilets to have females only”, or “we would like prisons for women just to have women in them”,.

She also says the movement is about women being able to say “we would like to not sexualise children”, or “not to eradicate the sexual function of children’s bodies for when they reach adulthood”.

 “It’s absolutely unfathomable that we would have to have protection, like serious protection in order to speak about these things,”.

Keen says the decision of Rape Crisis Centre Northern Ireland to join the protest of the event was a “sad indictment” showing that “most women’s spaces have been parasitically invaded by men,”

“They now centre the feelings of men over the trauma of women, which is just disgusting,” she said. 

“I can’t imagine how it must feel for these women that through blood, sweat, and tears raised awareness and started those refuges to watch them being handed over to men,”. 

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” she said, adding “what an absolute shame”. 

Asked why she thinks biological men are choosing to place themselves in women’s spaces like rape crisis centres Keen said, “some of them do get aroused by the idea of themselves as rape victims,”. 

“There are some big names in America that have published men who talk about the ultimate in validation as a woman is to be raped,” she said adding, “it’s uncomfortable, these are not very nice motives, it’s not about gender dysphoria it’s about sexual fetish,”.

“You’ll get these men in menopause groups, stillbirth groups, endometriosis groups, they will join all these groups pretending to have the same experiences as women,”. 

“It’s just gross,”she said. 

Speaking on the Barbie Kardashian case Keen said it was “Ireland’s answer to Isla Bryson,”.

“I think it perfectly encapsulates the arguments which is those people who come and stand against women talking are basically advocating for Barbie Kardashian to be housed in a women’s estate” and “to be in women only spaces when he comes out.” 

“That’s what their argument is and women who come to Let Women Speak are saying we don’t want that man in a women’s prison, and we don’t want that man in our spaces”. 

She said that as an example of what her advocacy stands against, the Barbie Kardashian case “couldn’t be more perfect”. 

Asked if she had a message for those planning to protest the event she said, “Let them come,”

“Let the whole of Northern Ireland understand just exactly what’s going on,”she said. 

“Women are gathering to speak like we did in New Zealand and men and women who hate women talking come out and try to silence us,” she said, adding “let that be seen.”

“Trans activists do my job a lot better than I do, they show everybody who they are and then people start asking questions and then they find out the truth which is women just want our spaces, our dignity, and our privacy and we want to protect our children,”. 

“These activists want to stop us from doing that,” she said. 

Asked if she has had an opportunity to have a civil discussion with trans right activists Keen said they have a “policy of no debate” because their position is indefensible. 

“They won’t debate,” 

She said the Irish media have labelled her as “anti-trans” as opposed to a women’s rights campaigner.

“They’re all coopted aren’t they,” she said adding “It’s just gaslighting on an astronomical scale.”

“It’s not just Irish legacy media it’s the whole of legacy media with a few exceptions, but certainly any on the left side of politics have just been totally swallowed up by this nonsense,”.

“I don’t know who they’re writing for but they seem now to be the propaganda arm of the establishment as opposed to what journalism used to be which is actually raising questions and holding our leaders to account,”. 

“That isn’t what they do anymore,” she said, continuing “they’re just the propaganda arm of this cult alongside the state,”. 

Keen said she’s expecting a significant media presence at the event tomorrow but that she’s seen narratives twisted in the past “even when women have been assaulted,”. 

She said women had previously been painted as the aggressors but that “people aren’t stupid” and can see through lies being “pushed by these organisations,”. 


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