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‘Wear a mask. Don’t talk to cops’: Anarchists plan hostilities for women’s rights event

Women have described plans by a self-described anarchist group to plan hostilities against a ‘Let Women Speak’ event in Belfast on Sunday as “threatening” and “bullying”, after the group told protesters to ‘wear masks’, and oppose the women ‘not with songs, but with our bodies’.

One group of women planning to attend have told Gript that they will “not be deterred by threats”, and that they feel the protesters think “they can get away with the violence and aggression displayed towards women in New Zealand, but they can’t.”

The group, Belfast anarchists, accuses women who have concerns about the elimination of women-only spaces of ‘transphobia’ – and they say their aim is to deny a “platform” to the women’s rights activist Posie Parker – also known as Kellie-Jay Keen – who is set to speak at the event, alongside Graham Linehan, writer of the comedy series, Fr Ted.

The left-wing group accuse the women’s event of being ‘far-right’ but women told Gript that: “The term ‘far-right’ is increasingly being used as a term to shut down debate and to censor anyone with valid concerns  – and now, as we have seen, to violently attack women for having an opinion.”

“Wear a mask, travel with friends, and dress inconspicuously,”  the anarchist group instructs its followers. “And as always – don’t talk to cops.”

The Standing for Women events have been targeted by transgender activists, sometimes directing abuse and aggression at women, while feminist groups say their movement is “challenging the erosion of women’s rights, the invasion of safe spaces for women, the protection of women’s sports and speaking up against the abuse of children not able to defend themselves”.

Women called on the authorities in Northern Ireland to ensure that the Let Women Speak was protected from potential violence.


Irish campaigners, The Countess, said it welcomed “Kellie-Jay Keen to the island of Ireland. We are proud to stand alongside her at the Let Women Speak event this Sunday,16th April, in Belfast.

“As a 32 county organisation The Countess will be sending a delegation which includes representatives from our working groups from Sports, Schools & Safeguarding and Lesbian Erasure

“In light of the lack of police protection at the Let Women Speak event in Auckland, New Zealand, we are heartened by positive indications from the PSNI with regards to policing the event in Belfast.

“We look forward to the announcement of the new date for the Dublin Let Women Speak event, in addition to An Garda Síochána’s support in defending women’s right to peacefully assemble

“We know well the cost of holding the line and saying ‘No’ to male incursion into female spaces, prisons, services and sport. We at The Countess, no more than Kellie-Jay Keen, will never dilute our message to appease the mob. We will not be erased in language or in law and we will be heard.

A similar event in Auckland resulted in Posie Parker being in fear of her life after a mob of transgender activists surrounded and attacked the event.

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